Notice for the Plagiarism Check and Blind Review of International Students


Dear 21IMBA students,


The requirements for plagiarism check and blind review are notified as follows:

1.    Plagiarism Check

The dissertation submitted for plagiarism check shall be the anonymous version. Please read the following requirements carefully and submit the revised thesis before March 12nd. Attached is the Anonymous Template. You need to adjust your thesis format according to the Template.

1.1 Dissertation requirements are as follows:

1)      It shall follow the required format (as shown in the template);

2)      It shall use the Anonymous Cover instead of the original cover.

3)      It includes: the anonymous cover page, abstract, table of contents, main body of text, and references.

4)      It does NOT include: acknowledgements, postscript, header, footer, declaration of originality, statement of usage authorization, and the academic papers and scientific research results published during the degree study, etc.

5)      It shall NOT contain the following information: the name of the supervisor, the name of the student, and the name of the University (Zhejiang Gongshang University).

1.2 Notes concerning the plagiarism check

1)      It detects duplication from your content against the database.

2)      When the percentage of detected duplication:

≤ 20% : You'll pass the test.

21% - 30 % : You'll have to revise your thesis to lower the ratio. After the revision, it should be re-checked. If fail again, you have to rewrite your thesis and delay graduation for at least half a year.

≥31%: It will be regarded as alleged plagiarism, the student's defense qualification

will be canceled. You have to rewrite your thesis and delay graduation for at least half a year.

1.3 Requirements for dissertation page settings:

* Page layout:

Top margin: 25mm,;

bottom margin: 25mm;

left margin: 25mm;

right margin: 25mm.

* Page number:

1)      Chinese cover and English cover do not set page numbers.

2)      From the beginning of Abstract to the end of List of figures, the page numbers are represented by Roman numerals I, II, III...;

3)      From Introduction to the end of the thesis, the page numbers are represented by Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3……


2.    Blind Review

Dissertation that passes the plagiarism check will be forwarded to the blind review directly without revision. So next, your dissertations will proceed to the review part, which might be tricky.

1)      The Review is very important. Your thesis will be reviewed by two external experts, and whether you'll pass the review depends on the marks given by the experts.

2)      The passing score is 65, i.e. only if all the marks exceed 65, will you pass. If you don't pass this time, the next round of review will be after 6 months unless one of the experts give you a score over 75. If one of the scores is over 75, but the other is below 65, then your thesis can be reviewed again by one or two experts. If the scores of the second review exceed 65, you can pass.


3.   The students who fail to pass the plagiarism check or blind review will have to wait for another six months to attend the next round.


4.    About the submission:

1)      Two files are needed, one in PDF and the other in Word, with the file name "your student ID + your name". Submit the digital version via email before March 12nd. (Email address:

2)      Please also be aware that the approval from your supervisor is still required. You cannot proceed without your supervisor's approval.

3)      So please pay more attention and make more efforts to your thesis, and talk more with your supervisor.

Annex:IMBA Dissertation Template - for plagiarism check and academic review.doc


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