Notice for the Opening Defense of International Students on September 30th


Dear 21IMBA and 20IMBA students,


Please note that the IMBA graduation dissertation opening defense should be conducted following the MBA School requirements.  


1.      Time & Venue:

The combination of online and on-site defense will be conducted at 13:00 pm, 30th Sep, 2022 (please refer to opening defense schedule below for details). You are requested to hand in the relevant materials BEFORE the defense. Materials collecting time is between 12:40-13:00, students have to attend the defense on time, and oversea students have to log in to the Dingtalk group ahead of time. The venue is Room 302 at the MBA School.

2.       Materials:

       2.1  Two materials  to be submitted:

*  The finalized version of Dissertation Opening Proposal and Work Schedule need to be printed in 4 copies with supervisor’s handwritten signature.

*  The Supervisor Guidance Record Form (please refer to the annex): Complete the form according to the corresponding requirements, print it out and ask your supervisor to sign it.

2.2  Materials submission ways:

Both digital and paper materials need to be submitted.

*  The digital version: Submit them with supervisor’s handwritten signature via email (address: before 28th September.

*  The paper version:

For on-site students: Remember to bring all the required materials to the defense site. All signatures should be handwritten, which means you need to take the printed forms to your supervisor’s office for his/her signature.

For online students: Electronic signature is accepted, and MBA School will help to print the above signed materials.

3.       Process:

Students have to prepare a PPT presentation for approximately 5 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. The time may be adjusted accordingly as the defense proceeds. So please stay tuned.

4.       The students who fail to pass the defense shall not participate in the subsequent defense process.

5.       Sequence:

Opening Defense Schedule
No.Beijing TimeStudent IDStudent NameOnline Or On-site
113:0021020189003DEMENTEVA ELIZAVETA Online
313:4020020189004ATINAFU TSEDONAWIT DEREJEOnline
414:0021020189006DOBER DOMINIK Online
514:2021020189001MARANGE TSITSIOn-site
614:4021020189002KOMUGISA JILL IVYOn-site
715:0021020189004SAMPA MUUKA MUTALE On-site

Annex:MBA School Supervisor Guidance Record MBA学院导师指导记录表.docx

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