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Not dismantled!Not dismantled really !Jiaogonglu Campus is not dismantled really!
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       A couple of days ago, a Wechat message completely occupied circle of friends.





     So many old boys and alumni all think that Jiaogonglu Campus is going to be dismantled, and editor and colleagues are going to work in Xiasha……

     Today, editor declares “seriously” that Jiaogonglu Campus is not dismantled!Not dismantled!Not dismantled really!



       On April 15, students of all majors for professional degree postgraduate of 2017 major of MBA School started two years of journey in Jiaogonglu Campus

Picture is truth!





Happy group photo of students



 Explanation and filling of enrollment material of MPM



Zhejiang Merchants culture and spirit lecture brought by Professor Yang Yiqing, Curator of Zhejiang Merchants Museum



Simulation for sand table operation


Simple but grand opening ceremony hosted by Professor Qu Liang, Vice-dean of MBA School



Division Chief of School International Communication and Cooperation Office on ceremony:

For thirteen years’ cooperation of the university with Quebec University, deep feeling of two universities was cultured, which benefits the program as well as students; one excellent team was cultured; a batch of outstanding person for program management and all walks of life were cultured.




Professor Christophe Leyrie of Quebec University:

Course added to program management is like starting a new program. Our objective is not just to obtain graduation certificate, but even to obtain new technologies and skills. It is hoped that students can learn program management well, obtain successful career in better organization and make contribution to own team and country.


Professor Nie Biao, Dean of MBA School: 

He represented the School to express welcome to everyone entering MBA School; he introduced development history of the university and mission, vision, school-running characteristics and strategy for future development of MBA School; he sent words to students “relocate, reform objective, regain classic, learn for study, learn for new and learn to change”.


Yao Lihua, representative for old boy in Class 16MPM1:

We choose to return to campus during the rest of busy work, and regain book. This is because we know that only reading can change temperament. I hope temperament and knowledge can enrich our spirit during the time that youth is fading away and hardship has not invaded us.


Xia Huimin, freshmen representative of Class 17MPM1: 

Reading is to meet better self, and we learn with the attitude of empty cup. We learn combined with personal working practice, and endeavor to conquer difficulty for study. We will be with the help of platform for MBA School of Gongshang University. Our vision will be broaden, and we will make more progress in work

      At last, editor wants to say that Jiaogonglu Campus is not dismantled, and MBA School is always there. Students that want to study MBA and MPM, please make telephone 0571-88055297 and look for Teacher Chen.