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Come to Honey, never settle!
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      At 19:30 on July 1, 2016, Summer Friend Match held by Honey Club was making a brilliant appearance in Trojan House Beautiful Time and Coffee!(applause is appreciated here!)



Dozens of single excellent men and women guests gathered together, and they sat around the table. Girls were natural and graceful, and smiled charmingly; boys were polite, and had good looks. Before the activity officially started, members spontaneously added friends through Wechat. Boys gently served water and carried chairs for girls, and girls considerately took snacks and passed paper towel to boys. Atmosphere of the scene was warm and moving.



After activity started, every member introduced basic conditions and standards of choosing spouse of their own in turn. Except for common interests and hobbies, there were two experienced diving enthusiasts, and their description aroused everyones interest. They made an appointment to go to the island to drive and play. This was the pace of group travel in minutes

After self-introduction, host matched scene members through one round of card-drawing. Men and women that chose the same suit sat together, and they jointly completed the next game task. Of course, if they were not in the same group with favored opposite sex of their own, we also encouraged members to initiatively invite TA to complete games with themselves. Predestined relationship only favored people of courage, and no pain, no gain



During the game link of eating cakes, girls were blindfolded, and they turned three circles where they were under the leadership of host (this was so-called dizziness of love). Boys sat in the chair, and they uneasily waited dizzy girls to feed cakes to them. During the whole process, boys could not move their hands, and they could just guide girls through language. There were impatient boys stretching out their heads to pick up the cake, and girls were also impatient to pass the cake forward. That what was coming on was sweet or coolness could only be known by boys themselves.




After link of eating cakes, according to secret observation, although what was the next link was not specified, atmosphere of scene was not embarrassed. Orders of seats were changing quietly, and members were talking happily with each other. Therefore, we were bold to cancel board game link as warming-up scheme, and leave precious time to let them communicate one-on-one for everyone.



At half past nine, the activity finished. For whether there were boys successfully sending goodness home and whether there was the second half activity, I wanted to say: Didnt you come? You will know if you come! For little friends that could not participate in the activity for various reasons, what I wanted to say was one word: alas If a word of advice should be added to the word, that is: next time, be sure, and remember to participate