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Break through in system and develop in details
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Author /Class 2 of MBA in Autumn of 2015 Wang Qiliang

In the afternoon on 13th, MBASchool’s Forum of Business Art invited Mr. Zhou Weicheng, President of Zhejiang Shengxi Huashi Culture & Media Co., Ltd. who is the heavy weight of cultural industry inZhejiang. The work experience of President Zhou is absolutely a legend. During his 18 years of work in this system, he acted as No. 18 television journalist of Zhejiang TV and started from the grass root at the first line. During these years, he has successively held the posts of Deputy Director in News Center of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Chief Inspector of Weekend Edition of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Director in Advertising Department of Zhejiang Satellite TV and Chief Inspector of Channel 6 of Zhejiang Radio & TV Group. At present, he has made great achievements in his career; however, in 2003, he decided to go into business, which brings his career to a much higher platform. He has completed a magnificent evolution from General Manager of Zhejiang Guangsha Group to President of Youth Times, President of Zhejiang Spring & Autumn Co., Ltd., General Manager of Zhejiang Greentown Culture & Media Co., Ltd. until his company was merged and listed and he became a billionaire. After President Zhou went into business, his career developed by leaps and bounds.



It is easy to achieve momentary success but continuous success is not simply result of opportunity or chance. President Zhou elaborated his ordinary but philosophical experiences vividly and humorously, which provides profound enlightenment for students present. It can be known from the senior journalist’s story of “merit student” to “new-type merit student” that people can reap value only by steadfastly going deep into grass roots and knowing audiences; from sustainable profit of Zhejiang Daily and gradual declining of Hangzhou Daily Press Group, we know that industrial perspective and caution against small maters is vital for enterprise development; from President Zhou’s theory of “superman powers”, we know the complete management process of big enterprise project from seeking, fabrication, releasing, popularizing, gathering to team.

Nevertheless, it was very impressive that President Zhou was in great love with and accurately knew about cultural industry and film-television industry.

President Zhou is capable of making trenchant comments not only in analysis on industrial status of Zhejiang film and television industry in film and television industry in the whole country but also in great changes on film and television industry brought by popularization of Internet video website and viewing channels, strategic judgment of fan economy at present and young people as key point of this industry and profound criticism of hot money in capital of this industry at present, strong homogeneity, extraordinary high remuneration for movie actors, policy risk and deficiency of professional spirits.

Time flies during two-hour sharing. Nevertheless, apart from sharing, President Zhou enlightened us to know that to know tiny aspects of this industry, to be cautious about small matters and to keep pace with the times is the long plan for sustainable development and success of enterprises.




Author / Class 3 of MBA in Autumn of 2015 Yang Yang

Once before, a friend told me that people in state-owned enterprises seem like frogs boiled in warm water. With time going by, their passion will fade and their dreams will be forgotten for they only care about enjoyment of warm water at present.

On Sunday, we listened to the lecture given by Mr. Zhou Weicheng, President of Zhejiang Shengxi Huashi Culture & Media Co., Ltd. and he said that people shall not rest on previous splendor and many new fields in rapidly developing television revolution remain to be exploited. However, traditional systems restrict his steps of innovation and constrain his potential. Fortunately, he knew his advantages and was familiar with psychology of audiences and he had mature interpersonal network and rich management experience. Therefore, he focused on TV play and started to establish a media company in 2005. His company was successfully merged and listed only in 10 years. In TV play market with fierce competition, he created his own empire of business.

In 1990s, few people were willing to give up their well-paid occupations in TV station but to start up business by their own. To leave requires not only courage but also insight. Even though the work in TV station is painstaking, it was the moment he would never forget and laid solid foundation for him to march toward film and television industry.

With rapid development of economy in China, people’s education level and consumption level improve substantially and people care more about abundance in spirits. Moreover, rapid development of network and strong support of government also promote development of film and television industry. In this case, traditional manufacturing industry is lacking in new increase space and its development is therefore restricted and it is necessary to exploit a new field. As a result, some manufacturing companies started to invest lots of funds into culture industry. President Zhou grasped this opportunity and successfully made his own company into a subsidiary of Sleemon. After his company was merged and listed, he recalled the past and found that he still has passion and fighting even though his youth is gone


In the lecture, one sentence of President Zhou left a deep impression on me. He said, “If you see that the outside signboard of one store is bad, you will hesitate to go inside and think about this even though its products are good enough.” Indeed, great things in the world start from tiny things and difficult things start from easy things. There is no doubt that we are in the times that details decide everything. Will you believe that one store can establish wonderful brands in case it cannot maintain its own signboard? In the times with abundant commodities, we can find out substitute goods with higher quality as quickly as possible. It can be seen from this that competition in modern society is the competition of details.

In the same way, our management needs to develop by details. In reality, many people want to do great things but few people can do well in tiny thins; there are too many great and resourceful strategists but practitioners who keep improving are rare; there are many people preparing management systems but people who spare no efforts to implement them are rare. To know the true essence of management and pay attention to details is a good practice of enterprise management and this enables managers to eradicate their blundering minds of seeking quick success and instant benefits and being satisfied with a smattering of a subject and thus get down on earth to do things well.

For enterprises or individuals engaged in any industry, details reflect quality and determine success. For enterprises, it is possible to create excellent enterprise brand and keep sustainable development of foundation in times of meticulous management at present only by paying attention to important points and starting from small things. For individuals, people can grasp every opportunity in life, break through themselves, change fate and realize dreams only by persisting in doing simple and ordinary things in daily life.