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Inheritance, is a technique, is also a culture.
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        Launch ceremony of Zhejiang “popularization week of social science” held by Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Science Circles and undertaken by Zhejiang Merchants Museum and MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University and Zhejiang humanistic lecture hall were grandly held in multi-function hall of Zhejiang Merchants Museum in the afternoon of October 16. The humanistic lecture hall took “cultural creation and spirit of craftsman” as subject. Wonderful lecture attracted more than 150 MBA students and guests of all sectors of society. Secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Science Circles Zhen Xinpu, Vice President Chen Xianchun, Secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang Gongshang University Jin Yibin and so on were present in the activity. Curator of Zhejiang Merchants Museum Yang Yiqing held the lecture.




Keynote speaker Li Jianhua, President of Wensli Group, is not only a business master, but also a master of redology. He serves as standing director of the Chinese Redology Society and secretary general of Zhejiang Redology Society, is also committee member of the military strategy advisory committee of MBASchool. He is the first entrepreneur to be present in CCTV Lecture Room, which creates a precedent since the column establishes.

        In the beginning of lecture, Li Jianhua shared the story of “two women” related to Wensli with everyone, attracting highly praise and resonance of on-scene audiences. G 20 Summit held inWestLakein September makes global attention focused onHangzhouundoubtedly, while repeated appearance of silk in G 20 Summit makes the whole world realize Chinese silk again, closely contact and understand Wensli Group and the best embroidering techniques inChina. President of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Lagarde with the reputation of “the queen of scarves” has “abandoned” international brand since then after meeting Chinese scarves Wensli. Moreover, audient rating of interview of popular CCTV presenter Dong Qian on Mr. Li Jianhua broke through 300 million, even making reputation of Wensli Group multiplied. 



       Hangzhou is known as the reputation of “the home of silk” and the history of silk is long and bright. Silk industry was traditional pillar industry ofHangzhouonce, but has experienced unprecedented challenges and difficulties for recent years: gradually severe competition, recessive sales volume, declining quality, increased cost but lower price, and less profit…… How to realize smooth transformation is the problem in front of hundreds of silk enterprises. Mr. Li interpreted industry innovation and change led by Wensli combined with related knowledge of marketing theory in the forum.




I. Craft inheritance and innovation

New technological leapfrogging of Wensli has finished elimination of traditional technology, and explores new technology and new craft in the aspects of jet printing, color management, ink, equipment and so on. The concentration on craft and humanistic care of craftsman make spirit of craftsman inherited and developed constantly.

II. New product design creativity

Make product manufacturing updated into cultural creation, walk out a new road of transformation and upgrading of silk enterprises. Take culture creativity as carrier, make traditional silk, cultural creativity and high technology connected, give new connotation to products, expand innovational areas and create high value-added products. Enter CCTV Lecture Room, interpret silk code of the culture of red mansion, and explore profound cultural connotation and historical connotation at the back of “the home of silk”. Silk mask, silk mobile phone shell, silk home decoration and other innovative product types present innovative application arrangement of “cultural silk, healthy silk and artistic silk” comprehensively. Diversified product chain is even a live teaching material of transformation and innovation of other traditional manufacturing industry in our modern.

III. New brand positioning development

At the same time of taking culture as soul, technology and quality in the front rank, and creating Chinese fashion, even make Chinese elements reflected in silk culture updated into international elements. Wensli employs the former CEO of Hermes, organizes transnational teams, explore global international vision and seek new brand positioning and development by purchasing French century-old enterprises. At the same time, arrangement with concurrent high to middle and low-end product make the world perceive and accept with multiple dimensions.

IV. New business model

Fan economy of Wensli Group requires each staff to establish core cycle of friends with 50 people and 2000 fans at least to promote and issue related information of company. Each person of each department can be source of operating income. Internet is an opportunity to Chinese manufacturing industry. It makes more people realize the brand of Wensli faster by publicity and promotion of this marketing mode.

Lecture of Mr. Li makes students have a new realization for development of traditional silk industry; this lecture is more like a summary of management practice and classroom theory of enterprises, and is also a successful case of management innovation, operation of business model, industry inheritance and transformation of modern enterprises. It draws a new ecological map of industrial prospect for us in the aspect of promoting industry marketing concept; especially provides a live case for how to grasp development opportunity of the later G 20 times and make Chinese national brands walk towards international faster and better.



/ 16 Autumn MBA class 2 Wang Yiran /



      Silk is not only a textile, because its old carries many brilliant cultures. Wensli makes silk show its elegance and classics in APEC, Olympic Games, World Expo, Asian Games and many international stages as a leading enterprise of silk industry. Wensli appeared in G 20 Summit again and showed luxury and new fashion of silk this year. President Li Jianhua not only introduced puzzled relationship between Wensli and G 20, but also paid more attention to transmission of cultural creation and spirit of craftsman at the same time of telling about brand promotion of enterprises through commercial forum yesterday.



It is speculated by archaeological discovery that Chinabegan to raise silkworms, obtain silk and weave silk fabric in the middle of Neolithic Age. Therefore, silk has had a history with five to six thousand years. Silk is the symbol of culture in the river of long history with several thousands of years. Silk transmits eastern culture toEuropealong with Silk Roads. The relationship between nature and human beings is called culture in the understanding of President Li Jianhua. Wensli transmitted cultural deposits ofHangzhouand even created culture such as silk menu, program, and invitation and so on in G20 Summit by various silk products. Silk products are usually clothes, scarf, fan and so on in traditional impression, but Wensli Group produced daily necessities by silk and expressed cultural innovation further. There were also traditional silk handicrafts in G20 Summit, such as peony embroidery with the length of40mand height of2.6min the banquet hall, which was created carefully by female embroiders with embroidered age over 30 years with more than 2000 colors. Wensli Group not only inherits traditional culture, but also pays more attention to creation of culture.

After that, President Li talked about that if one person does one thing in his life and does it well, this is spirit of craftsman. He also cited a sixty-year-old sizing mixing expert in France who mixed sizing in his all life and insisted on this boring but important work like an artist. As edge tapping of silk, few young people could insist it more than half a year. If thing was simpler, spirit of craftsman was more needed to support it, thus traditional craft would not disappear. President Li also talked about that for Chinese products standing on the height of luxury, what we lacked was spirit of craftsman. Spirit of craftsman is more valuable in today with quick changes. It can make us do things to the best.



      I realize cultural creation and spirit of craftsman more through an afternoon wonderful speech of Mr. Li. I also feel that these two points have permeated into every place of Wensli in true product presentation of Wensli Group. At the same time, I am deeply touched by enterprise culture of keeping improvement and creating constantly of Wensli. It is innovation and change and advance with times of every excellent Zhejiangmerchant at the same time of inheriting culture that makeZhejiangmerchants develop vigorously.



/ Lv Qi /



       There are more self-examination and introspection after I listened to lecture on Cultural Creation and Spirit of Craftsman of Mr. Li in Wensli yesterday. If there is no creation for an enterprise, it will be imitated and surpassed quickly in such an environment with strong competition. I am in a clothing industry of retail and quick marketing. The global economy has glided down in recent years. Great pressure is undertaken whether enterprises or consumers. Enterprises not only need to control cost, but also need to satisfy demands of mass consumers on new things, and need to be outstanding in competitive brands at the same time if it wants to survive in such an environment.



 In my opinion, what is more needed by cultural creation is to study enterprise culture, realize corporate values deeply and integrate meaning of enterprise culture into systems, humanistic care and activities to make it win popular support and make staff feel existence of enterprise culture, but not to be cosmetic and follow the slogan without function. Only make staff accept corporate culture and feel help and promotion of this culture on themselves, can creation and promotion be discussed, team cohesiveness be improved, and staff have more sense of belonging on such a basis. Staff can be possible to try their best to help enterprises create more values at this point. As HR, what I think more is how to make our corporate culture win popular support and implement enterprise cultural construction, but not only salary increase. For our company, staff after 80’s and90’s has occupied more than 80% of the territory. We need to decorate corporate environment with the youth of color in the term of hardware. In the term of software, only children are more after80’s and90’s. They need more team corporation and experience warmth of big family. We will arrange some collective activities and so on more, but it does not mean the demands can be satisfied. In the process of cultural transmission, we are also correcting and changing constantly to adapt to more uncertain factors in the future.



When Mr. Li talked about spirit of craftsman, what I think first was cookware in Germanyand pineapple cake inTaiwan. Each flow and quantity required by each step is fine. Fidelity of profession and enthusiasm for work is admirable. Every thing will be perfect and outstanding. On the contrary, why we lack such a spirit, the reason is environment, or our quality is insufficient or we do not love our work? At the time of listening lecture, some students said that it is because the group of80’s and90’s are too restless and cannot be silent. Is that only our own problems? In my personal view, we ourselves need to learn constantly and deposit ourselves; on the other hand, more support shall be given in the term of enterprise environment. At least the boss can realize and give mental and material encouragement, thus there will be more people to put into.