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Our School Gets Good Grades in the 4th ChinaManagement Case Competition
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On July 9, the 4th China Management Case Competition-Promotion Event in East China was held inNanjingand 18 representative teams from such 11 MBA cultivating schools asZhejiangUniversity,TongjiUniversity,EastChinaNormalUniversityand Shanghai University of Finance and Economics attended the Competition. The acquisition of the right to use the brand of Sharp’s factory in Mexico and ACA for 5 years by Hisense electric appliance was taken as an example in the Competition which was composed of blind review of case analysis material and on-site reply; the pattern of “PK” of between two teams was adopted in the on-site reply and two competition teams confronted each other at the field and teams preparing for the competition off the field also participated in each round of question answering. This pattern greatly strengthened the intensity of the case competition and had higher requirement for the competitors’ ability of quick response, question analysis and answering.



The competitors of two competing teams from our school fully expressed their own opinions through such ways of data and diagrams and incisively and vividly gave play to various skills in case analysis, speech and debate and they got the Best New Prominent Award in which Team II of our school ranked 5th with the high scores of 90.1; Team I of Tongji University, Team II of East China Normal University, Team I of East China Normal University and Team I of Zhejiang University respectively ranked top four.

This is the first time for our school to form teams to attend this competition and all of the players are new MBA students of 2016 fall semester of our school. Under the careful guidance of teachers Cheng Zhaoqian and Lou Tianyang, 13 “battle companions” organized their thought and adjusted the analysis report; they worked in coordination and stayed up late together and they were not afraid of strong competitors with presence of mind at the field, showing the elegant demeanour of MBA students of our school. Participating students take this competition as experience and toughening after admission and a good learning opportunity and they recognize their shortcomings at the same time and that it is never too old to learn. It is the worthy trip for them.

China Management Case Competition is jointly held by National MBA Professional Master Education Steering Committee, China Management Case Sharing Center, China Management Case Center Alliance and Specialized Committee for Management Case Study of Chinese Research Council of Modern Management. The competition was started from 2013 intended to highly simulate the real commercial war through the analysis and discussion of social economy hotpot cases to improve the MBA students’ ability of analysis and decision-making and professional practice skills and inspect the case teaching results and strengthen the communication and cooperation among schools of business.