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Yalin Competition, Meeting the Unknown Self
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From February 18 to February 19, the first “Yunnan University Qidi Cup”- Tropical Rainforest Challenge of Schools of Business in Asian-Pacific Region- Ten Thousand mu Tea Hill Cross-Country Race for Business Elites (Yalin Competition for shot) was successfully held in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. This Competition was jointly held by the people's government of Xishuangbanna, Qidi School of Business (School of Business Administration and Tourism Management) of Yunnan University and Alumni Association of Yunnan University. More than 500 players including teachers and students from more than 20 domestic famous Schools of Business and representatives of business elites attended the Competition; our school sent 12 alumni and students at school to attend the Competition.

  The overall length of the track of Yalin Competition is 50 kilometers (completed in two days; 30 kilometers in the first day and 20 kilometers in the second day) and the accumulative altitude is about 2200m. The whole track is located in the intersection of the National Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna and the ten-thousand mu tea garden in Dadugang. In the track, more than 95% is natural road and 70% belongs to uphill and downhill; the highest altitude of the track is1700mand the lowest altitude is700mwhile the average altitude is about1000m; there are dense forests and rivers crisscross along the whole track. Players from Schools of Business attending “Yalin Competition” were in pairs to make joint competition and they passed through the tropical rainforest and tea hill through the way of hiking and cross-country race to experience the spirit of exploration of Caravan of overcoming difficulties and hardships, healing each other and making constant challenge in ancient times in the tea-horse trade route




Through two days of continuous fighting, our team members withstood the muscle soreness and rapidly adjusted the strategy in accordance with the physical condition of team members. They spared no effort to run after others during the 20kmcompetition in the second day with prehistoric powers under the situation of falling behind during the30kmcompetition in the first day. Finally, the representative team of our school got the good grade of the third place in Group A while the team from Tongji University won the first place and the team from Guizhou University won the second place.




  Thank all teammates for accompanying all the way. One can run fast but a team can go far away! stimulate me to withstand the crucible and finish the impossible task!Thank ourselves for holding on to the last and thank teammates for never leaving! Although the whole race is not finished, it is breakthrough of zero! It is a new experience, only for meeting the unknown self!



”Yalin Competition” is a communication platform jointly created by Schools of Business for self-challenge, tempering the team and constant and persistent struggle and it a growing seed. At the same time of struggling in the track, they can all enjoy the beautiful scenery of tropical rainforest and feel the power of life growth to constantly obtain inspiration and activate their life!