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Life must have cracks, and sunshine can come – Record of Qingtian Poverty Alleviation
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MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University on May 12, 2017  MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University

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Life must have cracks

Sunshine can come

--Record of Qingtian Poverty Alleviation

On May 13, 40 teachers and students from MBA School came to the junior high school in Haikou Town, Qingtian County, Lishui City, and brought enough materials from all teachers and students in the School to the montanic place and delivered to the children in need of help.


 “In the face of the suffering and setbacks, we need to be full of hope”. These children have a sad family background and live a difficult life. We praise their courage to fight with the fate and also can not help but feel distressed. In two weeks, the teachers and students in MBA School and the MBA party branch raised a total of 40,248.66 yuan, and some of these donations would be as tuition of students targeted funding in the class; part of these donations would be used as a love fund to purchase bookcases and books for all students in the school. Maybe our ability is limited. However, we are quite pleased if those materials can bring a little warm and bright to their life.



Kind-hearted students wrote sincere letters to the targeted subsidized little girls to encourage them.

The donation ceremony was held at the auditorium of junior high school of Haikou Town at 2:00 pm. Pan Jianjun, member of Haikou Town Propaganda Committee, Huang Haiping, Principal of Junior High School of Haikou Town, Qingtian County, Hong Limin, Vice President of the school, Mr. Zhao Shu, Director of Student Affairs of MBA School and Chen Weixing, Chairman of Student Union attended the donation ceremony. Pan Jianjun and Huang Haiping expressed sincere gratitude to the teachers and students from MBA School on behalf of the Junior High School of Haikou Town. Zhao Shu and Chen Weixing expressed gratitude to the students for their active participation in poverty alleviation activities and implementation of social responsibility and hope that the activities will continue to be inherited.

Subsequently, the student representatives donated consolation money to the students in donation, and representatives of student union donated bookcases and books to the school. After the donation ceremony, the representatives of all classes and pairs of students conducted a one-on-one communication, so as to solve problems of student through face-to-face communication and listening.


Some of the students' representatives of the School went to the homes of students with difficulties to condole, felt the living environment of the students in close proximity, and encouraged them to be not afraid of difficulties and forge ahead in the hardships of life.

In the face of shabby houses, broken tables and chairs, trembling old man, even if we are ready for the situation, any comforting words are pale and weak at this moment. Before we came to Qingtian, many people did not understand the reason to go to Qingtian for poverty alleviation. There are so many excellent enterprises, extremely skillful stone carving art and many import commodity markets built by overseas Chinese businessmen in Qingtian. But what we do not know is that there is a corner in dark and the gap between the rich and the poor is more shocking.

Fortunately, these children do not lose the power of struggle and stop the pace of chasing dreams. On the contrary, they are harder than others to change their fate. We hope to be the wind beneath their wings and escort for their takeaway.


Attach: 2017 Income and Expenditure List of Donation from MBA School to Qingtian Haikou Junior High School




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