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Affection to MBA School, Never Say Goodbye
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——Graduation Trip of Class 2 of MBA in Autumn of 2014


Yu Jun


Without graduation trip as a ceremony, school life of MBA seems like not complete. Moreover, for most of people, this may be the last graduation in life. Go to strange place with familiar friends and recall friendship with students during the trip may finish our study with a satisfactory full stop.


After class committee’s preparation for more than a month, Class 2 of MBA in autumn of 2014 named “Top Class” started the two-day graduation trip on July 23. Even though it is severely hot in summer, enthusiasm of students has surpassed 40-degree temperature and more than 20 people participated in this activity.



In the morning on July 23, students were dressed in orange class uniform, came to classroom and sit at desks. Cameras and cell phones were used to record this moment, two years of life, familiar smile and this touch of orange. Maybe, students can only recall this moment in pictures in the future.



Later on, students got on school bus and went o the most beautiful county in China-Tonglu. “Natural and unstrained Tonglu County was located in haze of Wulong Mountain. Once spending times in this mountain, you will think about nothing as if your heart was as empty as white clouds.” “Thousands of painting houses were located in natural and unstrained Tonglu County. If one person invites another to pick lotus together, they will step on boat in laughters.” Happy laughters and cheerful voices of students seem to be integrated into landscape of Tonglu County, which is natural and fresh.



After a small break in Jinniu Village, students went to Daxi Gorge with century-old trees reaching up towards the sky and deep and serene gorge. They stepped on the boat for drifting. In ravines and gullies and flying waterfall, we verified that friendship boat of students will never turn over. At the dinner, students toasted each other and you can image the scene without description. You may know the wine is thick after tasting it and know valuable friendship after studying in the same school. After gluttony, we were not content and went to KTV. With hazy light and moonlight, we said farewell to each other with emotions expressed in singing!




The next day, students agreed to climb Daqi Mountain and enjoyed ourselves of returning to nature by passing through small alley in mountains as well as deep and secluded valley and listening to flowing spring water, climbing the plank road built along the face of a cliff and crossing the flying squirrel.

Two-day journey is transient and students were unwilling to part and promised to get together gain in the next year. Never say goodbye with affection of MBA School and Top Class of MBA will keep in touch with every one forever!