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Nothing Is Impossible! Students from Zhejiang Gongshang University Completed Grassland Challenge
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On July 23, 2016, the first Asia-Pacific business school grassland challenge opened in Inner Mongolia Huitengxile grassland hinterland. More than 400 elite students from 35 first-rate business schools such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hong Kong University and National University of Singapore attended the full marathon, 27 km marathon, half marathon and 5 km parent-child  mini marathon and other projects. 14 people in the school were invited to participate in this grassland event.





Grassland mountain marathon is a distinctive outdoor competition project. There is stimulation to challenge the physical strength, perseverance and visual impact of beautiful scenery along the way. The event is committed to creating a platform for ideological exchange and concept collision of business schools. The competitive and experiential culture event is conducted to make elite students of business schools feel the charm of grassland in order to stimulate their potential, experience and practice the event concept of ideal, practice and responsibility, so as to achieve sublimation from self-breakthrough to social value.


Students from MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University put down the urban noise through the competition, re-examined themselves and found the great power over themselves in the vast grassland to release potential and know more profound energy. Throughout the competition, the players measured the beautiful grassland with their feet under the strong ultraviolet light burning in the grassland. The first five kilometers was relatively small slope, and the players also were in the mood to enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery, a piece of rape flower and sparkling Galsang flower. The second five kilometers was a rapid downhill; the players were still of strength to jump up and take pictures. The third five kilometers began to mutate and became gravel road in the canyon with hot sun and bumpy gravel road rather than slow breeze. The players went to the supply points of fifteen kilometers relying on talking about the ideal life. Most of the players began to feel ache in feet at punch card of 17.5 km, and rescue vehicles began to pass around more and more frequently. The last seven kilometers was the most difficult section of the whole race. The dust was blowing at the steep mountain. The distance between the entire team was far for continuous climbing one section after another, so that the players did not expect that the seven kilometers occupied nearly half of the competition time, and they completely relied on the will and mutual assistance. Player from other schools also from time to time sat down to have a rest. The rescue vehicles passed by from time to time to ask whether the players still adhered to the game.

Finally, after the joint efforts, the representative players from MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University completed the 27 km competition; Luo Qiuping won the second position in Female Group B.






Impressions of players

Zhou Qian

Nearly 30 km, I actually make it, nothing is impossible!


Luo Qiuping

Embrace the wind with fog, run and chase clouds, the best travel on grassland.


Lin Han

Water and friendship support us to cross the vast wilderness under the burning sun; the sweat and persistence coexist and turn into special experience of life.


Li Yue

Going through, longing, enjoying scenery and singing all the way.


Li Xingwang

If there are only grass and vegetables in the grassland, please give me a roast lamb!


Zhao Kan

Potential is challenged by us


Li Mingxia

I have no idea for completion of the whole marathon. After the hiking on the grassland, I enjoyed this green scenery and realized the spirit of marathon; we fought with ourselves at last. We only stepped forward all the way and desperately fought. Things can be completed in the effort. Just do it!



Wang Lingli

Thanks to the snowy yogurt for curing my stomach cramps, thanks to the benefits that I slept with four beauties at two nights provided by the Organizing Committee, thanks to the concern and care from the whole team.


Zhang Sijing

I gained persistent belief and like-minded partners mutually supported more than medal.



Xie Linjuan

I have completed 27 km and found that my physical fitness is good. I will participate in the hiking in the future.


Lou Xinyun

I will come again.



Hu Huaqiao

Grassland marathon is a new experience. In the face of the vast grassland, we empty our mind and step to more calm tomorrow from the MBA; in the face of the challenge to body limit, students from MBA School put wisdom and common heart together; our souls do not compromise!