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Zhengjiang Gongshang University MBA School holds MBA & MBA Graduation Ceremony 2016
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   On November 5 when the sun was shining brightly, it was an important day for 2016 Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates cultivated by Zhejiang Gongshang University and 2016 Master of Project Management (MPM) graduates jointly cultivated by Zhejiang Gongshang University and Canada University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. Graduates gathered in the second floor of Comprehensive Building in Xiasha Campus of Zhejiang Gongshang University to attend the Graduation Ceremony. The Vice President-Professor Su Huawei, Counselor of Canadian Embassy in China-Mr. Lei Pingjiang and his wife attended the Ceremony and President Su and Counselor Lei grated a degree to graduates of the two projects.

 At 14:00 in the afternoon, the Graduation Ceremony officially started and leaders and honored guests walked into the assembly room in thunderous applause to send best wishes and expectations to students about to leave the school. Those attending the Ceremony also included Professor Song Xingwu, the Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of our school, Professor Zheng Qunxiong, the Deputy Dean of Graduate School, Professor Nie Biao, the Dean of MBA School and Ms Liu Li, the international project coordinator of University of Quebec and the Ceremony was presided over by Professor Chen Jue, the Deputy Dean of MBA School. Those attending the Ceremony also included all MBA and MPM graduates and their family members.

Firstly, Professor Su Weihua expressed warm congratulations to 2016 Master of Business Administration and Master of Project Management graduates on behalf of the School. He introduced the development situation of the school in recent years, the objective of struggle of “becoming the domestic firs-class and internationally famous high-level university among domestic universities of the same kind” and development strategy of “innovative and strong school, characteristic elite school, integrating development and striving for firs-class”. The President Su hoped that students can carry forward the school motto of “sincerity and perseverance, diligence and simplicity”; keep the habit of lifelong learning and constantly renew knowledge structure; stick to the philosophy of life of “remaining indifferent whether granted favors or subjected to humiliation, self-confidence and self-motivation”.

Next, the Counselor Lei Pingjiang made a speech on behalf of Quebec Government. He said, MPM Project was the successful case of the cooperation between Quebec and China and also the model for the future development of cooperative project. He was happy for the ability of management talents cultivated by a university in Quebec to make contributions to the construction of China and excited about the possibility of these talents to become backbones in major project development of China in the future.

At the Graduation Ceremony, the Dean Zheng Qunxiong read out the school’s decision to commend excellent graduates and outstanding student leaders and Professor Song Xingwu, Professor Zheng Qunxiong and Professor Nie Biao issued the certificate of honor to students to be commended. Wei Yujie from Class 14MPM1 and Sheen Yuen from 2014 Fall Semester Class MBA2 made a speech on behalf of all graduates. Later, student representatives of six graduating classes respectively gave souvenir of gratitude to the school and the Dean Nie Biao accepted the gift on behalf of the school.


  Finally, Professor Nie Biao made a speech on behalf of MBA School. Firstly, he shared the learning experience mentioned in We Chat Circle of Friends of students in recent two years with everyone and affirmed their efforts. Meanwhile, he also expressed thanks to leaders, professors and works of two schools for their hardship for the successful completion of studies of students. Professor Nie Biao mentioned, after the degree ceremony, 292 MBA and MPM students graduating from the school today would formally become schoolmates. He hoped that all students can still keep the school motto of “sincerity and perseverance, diligence and simplicity” and the school motto of “pragmatism, illustrious value and common goal” in mind and use the knowledge learned to cultivate their moral character and put their family affairs in order to realize the higher breakthrough in the workplace.