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Wish We Would Be Forever Young and Be Forever Full of Tears -Alumni’s Return to University Record for Decades
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MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University on May 12, 2017

MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University

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Wish We Would Be Forever Young and

Be Forever Full of Tears


——Record of Alumnis Return to School for Decades


Ten years ago, we began to know each other and we were young and vigorous.


Ten years later, we gather together and we are successful and ambitious.


The first MPM alumni (2004) and 2005 MBA alumni of MBA school returned to school on May 16. The fresh breeze blew gently and the sunshine was soft. Alumni who came from all walks of life gathered together in the campus at Jiaogong Road to review familiar campus scenery and to recollect inculcation of teachers and deep friendship with classmates.

All alumni could obtain a gift for returning to school, which was elaborately prepared by Alumni Affairs Office and MBA School. Many alumni could not wait to dress T-shirt with the logo of MBA School and to be pasted with an armlet of “gathering and change” and to take photos with former classmates in front of the background board. They made fun of what had happen in old days in the class and urged classmates who returned later to take photos and talked about what had happened in these years.



After lunch, Alumni Conference was convened in the terrace classroom on the second floor of No.1 Teaching Building and held by Professor Nie Biao who was also the Dean of MBA School. Vice President Su Weihua made the first speech and he said that MBA Scholl had fed back the society and alumni through running the school. Alumni work is distinctive and deserves to be affirmed. Vice President Su believed that alumni are precious fortune for the university. Care and support of alumni to the school and the university are inseparable for the development of the university. He wished that MBA School could continue to collect wisdom of alumni and to mobilize strength of alumni in the future to promote better development of various undertakings in the university and the school.


Professor Qu Liang, the Deputy Dean of MBA School, represented the School to introduce development conditions of the School to alumni. Later, alumni representative of all classes gave speeches in turn, introduced their own development conditions in recent years, expressed their heartfelt thanks to training of their alma mater, and indicated that they would continue to support and care work of the university and the school in the future.









After the Conference, all alumni returned to their classrooms to hold theme class meeting and to chat with former classmates. There were full of happy laughter and cheerful voices in classrooms. It seemed that time had returned to old days ten years ago, which made them sigh with emotion.


The most simple and sincere emotion in the world is friendship between teachers and students and among classmates. Willows swayed on the most beautiful day in May and we witnessed our ten-year “gathering” and changes. Wish next time gathering would not be too long and we would be forever young and be forever full of tears.