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Ceremony of Appointment of Alumni-tutor was held in MBA School
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And 2017 Spring Festival Exchange Meeting of Alumni

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On the night of January 8, 2017, ceremony of appointment of alumni-tutor and 2017 Spring Festival exchange meeting of alumni were held in MBA School. Mr. Zhao Dan, Director of Alumni Affairs Office in the university, Mr. Lian Chao, Deputy Director, Professor Nie Biao, Dean of MBA School , Professor Qu Liang, Deputy Dean, teachers from relevant departments and 35 alumni participated in the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by Professor Qu Liang, Deputy Dean of MBA School. Liu Zhenhui, Executive Director of Strategical Advisory Commission of our School and President of Alumni Association of MBA School made an address first of all. He spoke highly of our alumni for their support of our School and at the same time called on our alumni to keep working hard in the coming year and to achieve joint development with our School through mutual support.


Mr. Zhao Dan, Director of Alumni Affairs Office delivered a warm speech. Director Zhao mentioned that she herself is an alumna of MBA School and has special feeling for MBA School. She expressed appreciation for the great concern and energetic support given by our alumni all the time for the development of our School. Alumni Affairs Office would also wholeheartedly provide support and service for the development of our alumni. The School was the home of our alumni forever and it was hoped that our alumni can continue to pay attention to and support the development of our school. We welcomed that our alumni can often come back home.


Professor Nie Biao, Dean of MBA School made a speech. He firstly summarized the achievements of all aspects of the School in 2016 and highlighted that the progress of the School is also the effort of the support and encouragement of our alumni. He said that he wants to take the opportunity to express sincere appreciation to each alumni who concerns and supports the work of the School and hoped our alumni can continue to strengthen their relationship and build cooperation platform to make contributions to the development of our school. Meanwhile, Dean Mie invited 32 alumni to be alumni-tutors of our School.


Leaders of the School issued letter of appointment to 32 alumni to be the tutors. Alumni-tutor plays a role of both a teacher and a friend. They will become a beacon for the career development path of the students and become partners for the development, inheritance and innovation of our School. The student-alumni-tutor mode will also become a new tradition of “passing on, helping and guiding” in MBA School. The appointed alumni-tutors said that taking the letter of appointment means taking more responsibility and mission. As the old saying goes, when drinking water, one thinks of its source; after having made progress, one thinks of his teacher. Our alumni will definitely try their best to help the development of our School. The meeting ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.