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[Commercial Forum] Former Provincial Governor talked about “History Culture of Zhejiang”
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On June 18, Commercial Forum which is jointly convened by Zhejiang Merchants Museum and MBA School was opened again. Lv Zushan, original Governor of Zhejiang Province and Vice Chairman of Chinese Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the NPC, gave an on-site lecture for about 200 MBA students about Splendid Zhejiang-its History Culture. Jin Yibin, Secretary of the university CPC party committee, fully participated in the Forum. The Forum was held by Yang Yiqing who was Curator of Zhejiang Merchants Museum.

On the lecture, Lv Zushan divided the history from 10 thousand years ago to the Revolution of 1911 into seven historical periods along the mainline of civilization progress and development and fully and accurately talked about the history in detail. In addition, he also showed many precious photos, words and data which were used to record Zhejiang historic culture to students




Dawn of civilization”


Birth and development of agriculture


In terms of places with pluralistic origin, the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River is an important area of origin for Chinese civilization, while Zhejiang is a splendid civilization origin at the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, especially prehistoric culture. The most glorious prehistoric culture about five thousand years B.C ago is Zhejiang Liangzhu culture.


An Overlord in the Spring and Autumn Period”


Rise of Zhejiang civilization


After Liangzhu culture disappeared, Zhejiang culture was backward for a time until rise of Yue state which became one of five overlords in the late Spring and Autumn Period. Zhejiang civilization led Chinese civilization. How can Yue state rise? First is perfect with good quality, which is the earliest Zhejiang culture origin-practical culture; second is to be good at struggling and constantly striving to become stronger, which is Zhejiang culture.

From Qin and Han Dynasties to Six Dynasties


Turning period for progress of Zhejiang civilization


How can Chinese economic center be moved southward to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces? Six Dynasties lay the foundation. The reason why Zhejiang becomes Chinese culture province is that Six Dynasties has laid the foundation. Therefore, Six Dynasties is called the turning period of Zhejiang civilization progress.


Sui Tang and the Five Dynasties


Development of economic society in south Yangtze River and south movement of Chinese economic center


Emperor Yang of Sui dredged Yangtze River and Huaihe River and dug the North-South Grand Canal and the Canal in East Zhejiang, which was linked with places in East, Middle and North with the largest population and the most developed economic culture and was the large traffic channel and economic lifeline. Jiangnan Grand Canal and the North-South Grand Canal had significant influence on the whole Jiangnan economic zone.


Two Song Dynasties


Establishment of the position for Chinese political, economic and cultural center


In Northern Song Dynasty period, the richest man in Jiangnan handed in the largest grains, the most taxes, the largest quantity of fields, and the second largest engineering quantity; that Jiangnan turned in grains, cotton, cloth and money to the royal court is not only in Northern Song Dynasty but also in Yuan-Ming-Qing dynasties. Therefore, there is a sentence said by Su Shi about “Fortune in Zhejiang can maintain national use. Lots of rice is transported through waterway to designated place”, which shows prosperity of Hangzhou.


Yuan-Ming-Qing dynasties


There are lots of talents gathering in Zhejiang


Zhejiang plays sprout roles in driving adjustment of Chinese modern economic structure and Chinese modern industry. It took advantages of development for towns at both sides of the canal and took agricultural products as raw materials or main raw materials to develop handicraft industry and commerce. These handicraft industry and commerce are embryos of Chinese modern industry. Celebrities in Chinese modern industry are from Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces on both side of the canal. Zhejiang contributes a lot to Chinese modern economy, which is not in quantity concept but in quality adjustment.


The Revolution of 1911


Revolutionary pioneer


In the same period when Sun Yat-sen established Tung-meng Hui to fight against Qing Dynasty, Zhejiang cultural workers held Guangfuhui. Most founders of Guangfuhui are also founders of Tung-meng Hui. A series of revolutionary activities were conducted before the Revolution of 1911 which was the most famous uprising. It was Guangfuhui that actually takes actions in the Revolution of 1911.



“How can Zhejiang used to be poor and desert becoming the most prosperous, civilized and well-off area in China?” said Li Zushan. In the process of lecturing, he expressed his own research gains and unique insights about Zhejiang civilization at times, “it depends on culture strength. Culture is universally recognized as the spiritual pursuit, value orientation and target selection for a country, a nation and even an area, which includes universally recognized value view, target view, way of thinking, behavior, living methods. Culture has strong rallying appeals and cohesion. In order to realize common value and targets, people who have the same value and targets will gather together to fight and struggle. Before realizing their targets, they will strictly restrain their behaviors. It is the strength of culture.” He indicated that throughout Zhejiang history, its cultural essence lay in 10 words, which are unyielding, people-oriented, pragmatic, inclusive and innovative. These cultural traditions are required to be constantly inherited and advocated by Zhejiang people so as to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and to realize “Chinese Dream” with unyielding struggle and endeavor spirit.  


The wonderful lecture influences and drives classroom atmosphere. Finally, Jin Yibin, Secretary of the university CPC party committee made a summary speech. He said that Governor Lv was cultural ambassador and his emphasis on Zhejiang cultural study made us feel cultural appeal, creativity, cohesion and constraint force, and made up feel enlightenment of culture; the Governor practiced what he preached so as to advertise Zhejiang historic culture, which made us feel kind and admire. It shows deep emotion of a leader who had grown up there and had worked there for a long time to his hometown.




After the Forum, Governor Lv passionately took photos with teachers and classmates.