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“MARS” Group is awarded the Second Prize for Business Simulation Contest of the Ninth “Peak Time”
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——From March 18 to 19, national championship for business simulation contest of “Unicom cup of the ninth peak time was held in Capital University of Economics and Business. “MARS Group made up of Zhao Yuexiang, Liu Yingli, Huang Xianfeng, Lin Lulu in the School was awarded the second prize of “MBA/postgraduate group”; in addition, undergraduate group of the School was awarded the second prize of “undergraduate group”.  





The contest attracted excellent groups from all countries all around the world to participate. Through intense elimination of preliminary contest and playoff, 17 MBA/postgraduates and 26 undergraduates in universities of Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology of China, Nankai University, University of International Business and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business and Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences etc. entered final. The School assigned 3 teams to participate in contest of “MBA/postgraduate group”, and all 3 teams entered playoff. “MARS” group advanced the final contest as the No.1 of playoff group.    



Final was divided into three contest links of operation simulation, presentation for business scheme and introduction for English team to conduct. For link of operation simulation, players conducted simulation business through simulating occupations for different roles of enterprise CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. Every contest team made decision after carefully analyzing various factors of market prospect, market demand, sales and enterprise production etc.. Later, business strategy, business result and business decision were provided with assessment by all companies through simulation system. Strategy decision was conducted according to sales income, earnings per share, rate of return on investment, bond rating and capital sum etc.. On the standard of cumulative return for shareholder of all companies, contest performances for business simulation of all teams participating were listed.

For presentation of business link, all participation teams should take advantage of five minutes for speech time to conduct analysis and presentation based on big data product of China Unicom, and finally formulated marketing scheme for related industries. Later, 2-3 judges asked questions, and proposed precious suggestions for opinions of some groups.

Introduction of English team was new link that was firstly calculated into scoring. All groups needed 2 minutes of speech time to introduce group composition and group objective to all the judges. All participating groups took advantage of all forms to attract their eyes, and it was wonderful. There were thunderous applauses on scene.


The School always pays attention to practical education of business simulation etc., and positively organizes and participates in such contest; the contest was the eighth time that the School assigned team to participate, and the fourth contest was undertaken in 2012; in recent six contests, the School entered final for five times, and one time of the special prize was awarded. Four times of the second prize were awarded. In the future, the School will take high-quality certificate as opportunity, and improve quality of practical education with the help of such contest. Applied talents shall be trained thoroughly, and communication for MBA students in other universities shall be promoted.