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Fascinating Comprehensive Case Study!
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Editor: 2014 Fall Semester Class MBA3 Bai Bing

As for MBA, probably many people like me, will firstly think of the “Case of Harvard Business School”! this Comprehensive Case Study really comes into the campus of Gongshang Universality and it is all in English!

From December 15, 2015 to December 22, 2015, Doctor Julian Lowe, the Professor of Strategic Management of Canterbury Christ Church University gave a fascinating lecture of Comprehensive Case Study to MBA students of the School. During the six-day learning process, Professor Julian Lowe led students to jointly discuss the cases of famous companies, such Alibaba, Apple, Haier and Nike to enable students to truly carry out field analysis from the perspective of strategic management so as to help enterprises to improve the operation capability!

The classroom teaching has varied forms; especially the form of leaderless group discussion and teacher coordination is well received by students. In the class, students are eager to speak and have very energetic discussion with the foreign teacher via the case analysis. After class, students unanimously show that they like the teaching method of Professor Julian Lowe very much and the Professor’s logic and Western-style way of thinking also opens a new horizon for the work and life of students.

The followings are the voices of students attending the class:

It was the first time for me to listen to the all-English case analysis course, and for me, a student having poor spoken English, it is not very easy. Perhaps considering the learning effect, the teacher changed the formal seating arrangement into “group” mode. This change is more beneficial to promote the communication among group members and collision of thought; if group members do not understand or can not clearly express ourselves in English, we can help each other and improve the learning efficiency. The teacher’s humorous teaching style and approachable teaching method catch my eye to the great extent. So to speak, this course is a process where we help each other and improve together; I am very grateful to my teacher and all classmates!

2015 Fall Semester Class 3 Wang Lei

Comprehensive Case Study is a very challenging and very practical course. In addition to the analysis of current hot cases, the discussion and view sharing of different cases are included from different perspectives, different industries and even different cultural backgrounds, and the fierce collision of thought is the most meaningful harvest. The foreign teacher’s professional and dedication of this work give us a deep impression; apart from the mutual coordination in language communication, he even provides us with many practical methods for problem analysis from a professional perspective and also shares with us his viewpoints and experiences. The course makes us stressed and needs use to participate in seriously and attentively, but we do gain a lot. I hope that I will have more chances to join in similar courses in the future and apply what I learn. 

2015 Spring Semester Class 1 Xue Jun

After attending the class of Professor Julian Lowe, I have a set of relatively basic thinking logic for the strategy and have a comprehensive understanding from analysis and decision making to execution, know the significance of the strategy and also know the setting method and management method for strategy; I should say that I gain a lot and improve a lot. This course in which the strategic management is discussed via case analysis in an innovative way helps us to solve the following two big problems: how to enable managers to more efficiently learn the most advanced enterprise operation & management concept? How to enable enterprises to quickly apply the most advanced operation & management mode?

                          2015 Spring Semester Class 1 Wang Xinrong

I have to say that the course of Comprehensive Case Study makes a deep impression on our new MBA students! it is the core value of MBA course and the course that we should thoroughly learn. Classical enterprise operation and decision-making management cases taken as courseware to analyze and comment can effectively help the enterprise managers and related person to more comprehensively understand precious domestic and overseas experience and lessons in the enterprise and strategic management practice over the years, and the success and failure of those predecessors are of significant practice value to guide the future development of the enterprise itself.

2015 Fall Semester Class MBA2 Liu Lihong

I am glad that I chose this course—Comprehensive Case Study. I’ve heard that case study is a very important class for MBA study, especially for Strategy Management. Through this course I have got the chance to learn how to analyze case and get key points, Professor Julian is a very patient teacher; he teaches us how to find the right way to answer all questions relevant with cases.

It’s not good to give comments by looking at the surface. We should dig into it, read financial reports and analyze the data, and then we’re able to judge if a new action would work well or not.

2015 Fall Semester Class 3 Jiang Nanlan

After learning the Comprehensive Case Study, we have a deep and new understanding of the MBA course, we all believe that this is the value of MBA, this is what we should learn and master. Take the business strategy management case analysis as course reviews, it can effectively help business managers and related persons to build up more comprehensive understanding on the valuable experience and lessons home and abroad, the success or failure of these predecessors is of great practical value to guide their own future development of their enterprises.

2015 Fall Semester Class MBA2 Liu Lihong

Honestlyit is really exciting for me to attend the course of “Comprehensive Case Study” these days.

Although it is chilly outside, we are warmly talking about the cases in reality, such as APPLEALIBABA and so on. Professor Julian Lowe is really kind to us. He never criticizes us even if we fail to understand accurately, instead he encourages us to speak out our ideas and learn to discuss with others. Just as the saying goes,“Two heads are better than one genius!” I really feel the power of brainstorm through teamwork!

2015 Fall Semester Class 3 Yao Keqin

The lesson of Strategy Management is very interesting. It gives us knowledge and skills necessary to think and act more strategically. Professor Julian is an amiable and intellectual person. The samples he gives us are typical and worthy of learning. They broaden my horizon and train my mode of thinking. I begin to focus on the strategies of famous world companies and try to use them in my daily work. Also, as a customer, I can understand enterprises’ intention and buy products more cautiously. I hope MBA School can provide us with more lessons like this. Then we can gain more practical experience.

2015 Fall Semester Class 3 Zhuo Yue

Introduction to the Lecturer:

Doctor Julian Lowe now is the Professor of Strategic Management of Canterbury Christ Church University and was the professor of University of the West of England, Newcastle University, University of Bristol, University of Wollongong (Australia), University of Bath and such universities, and he also is MBA International Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During his teaching, Professor Julian Lowe has been paying high attention to the combination between the theory and practice. Up to now, he has published more than 10 books, more than 100 papers to international leading journals and guided 18 doctoral students. What’s more, Professor Julian Lowe has his own business and SPT technology company in Australia and holds the post of enterprise consultant in many international enterprises.