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Advancement at the Night of Early Summer-Course of Growth about Leadership
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TIME: April 11, 2017-April 18, 2017

LOCATION: Classroom 1204, Teaching Building 1, Jiaogong Road Campus, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China

EVENT: Doctor Davide Secchi coming from afar gave an all-English course of Leadership to the students of MBA School in Zhejiang Gongshang University; it was wonderful journey of learning. Although it only lasted 6 days, students rushed to this 3h class with great enthusiasm after hard work all day long. At the night of early summer in Hangzhou, those students advanced on the knowledge and team.

Leadership Course includes three groups which Davide names respectively Team Amanzing (A), Team Cool (C); so where is Team B? Davide chooses Best or Bullshit? Probably the answer will be found when we follow Team B to review the 6-day course experience!

 (Picture: Fig. 1-Group Photo)

        Group Diary-By BING: I come to see the Italian handsome man but in the end I become keen on Leadership. Actually I choose this course for the reason that I am very curious about what is all-English teaching and by the way practicing my spoken English, but only to find that Leadership is different when Davide taught it. Although it is a specialized course, the communication during the whole course is not very difficult, and Davide can always use the simplest word to express it; I feel my English is awesome~~


       It is not only Student Bing who openly fancies handsome Davide; when the DAY 1 course began, Davide asked all students to introduce themselves and tell the reason for choosing this course and he got many “admirers” at the class. Davide is an Italian handsome boy; he has obtained the Doctorate in Business Management in University of Pavia of Italy and successively taught in many European countries; in 2017, he just went to SDU in the United States to mainly study the Leadership, Organizational Behavior and the Business Decision-making in Enterprise Management and such field. All right, we had better show some memes to satisfy your curiosity~

 (Picture: Fig. 2-Memes of Davide)

Group Diary——By Mie

        D1 Oh? What does this mean? What does that mean? Why do you guys know it? My god! Don’t be afraid; I guess they also guess it. I also “come to understand” it (guess). Ohhhhh, it seems that this is what it means. Ohhhh, I am great!

        D2 Good morning, teacher. You look very sunny today; what do you want to teach…Jingjing next to me listens to the class carefully; I must go ahead! The aunties exercising outside please do not make a sound on purpose to draw the attention of our foreign teacher! Yes, yes yes; he is very handsome! 

        D3 Let’s drink boob! Oh, I say bubble tea (bubble tea)! Let’s eat Chinese pancake (Pangzi Pancake)! If only Davide likes it~we also like the Easter chocolate egg you bring to us~

        D4 You guys go to have fun on Friday! I am a good student! Do not stop me; I want to study! I want to play kahoot! Diudiu duangduangduang, BMG UP! Let’s review what we have learnt last class! Then I am confused about the answer, googling and amusing myself~

        D5 Report the group model! Their model is really great but I still like our own! Come and take a group photo! Say cheese-Jumi ^.<

        D6 Exam, exam, I am afraid of exam; I want to be seated next to leaders! I will feel very secure! Ahaha, why did Davide return home so quickly? Please remember to come here next year!

       Mie is good at simplifying all fussy information and hitting the point. In this regard, she is like Davide to some extent. The worry about the prior setting of English and the course content is proved to be completely unnecessary, and Davide could always make you find you own way to participate in. On Day 1-maybe it was the first time we met and we were rather serious; just like Davide who wore decent white shirt, we had to focus during these 3 hours under the pressured of his spoken English and logic. However, as we had more communication, become adapted to each others and get acquainted, we began truly entering into the state of enjoying learning (enjoying learning). The color of Davide’s T-shirt seemed to become the sign of classroom atmosphere.

    (Picture: Fig. 3-Davides T-shirt)


        Class communication extends to after-class communication; Team Amazing shared cake with Davide and Team B gathering many foodies brought Chinese Pancakes (Pangzi Pancake) and Davide’s favorite Bubble tea (pearl milk tea) and even brought Davide to taste Blood duck (duck blood). As it turns out that the adorable Davide is very much like a foodie and is full of praise of such food with strong taste and he even designed a question about his strong taste. The Western Easter falls on April 16 and all classmates received a gift from Davide-Easter eggs.

    (Picture: Fig. 4, Gifts)

        Group Diary——By Ben: we have good class participation, and we not only come to have a class, but also actively enter into the learning state; the theoretical concept explanation and examples are combined to enable use to explain problems in a rather comprehensive way. We not only listen in class, but also discuss and voice our own opinions, and this kind of learning process is impressive.

        Group Diary——By Lizzy: when I had the class held by the foreign teacher for the first time, Doctor Davide really gave us many surprises. He told us many models about the organizational behavior and leadership, including some data trend analysis models developed by him and those models seem very mysterious and complicated; some are very typical and practical models in the industry and can be applied to our future work.


They are pertinent evaluations by quick learners; although we are unable to understand it, it seems like highly receivable beyond description. Except for totally missing the first time due to the vehicle with bug, Ben was at the top of the list of Kahoot almost every time. Lizzy was always low-key and quietly scored. Before the new class began and after it was over every day, Davide always asked us whether we had questions to be answered, and Ben was one of the active quizzers. Leadership, in different scenarios and different cultural atmosphere in China and foreign countries, is treated as the specific case may be in many concrete circumstances. Discussion with Davide can broaden our horizon, open up our mind and more deeply understand in the dialectics.

(Picture: Fig. 5: Ranking)

        Group Diary——By Sandy: it was the first time for me to formally have the class held by a foreign teacher in my life; at the beginning, I attended the class with the altitude of studying hard and making progress every day I did learn some knowledge. Professor Davide mostly often let us discuss the contents of certain knowledge point mostly often and then commented on and evaluated the group discussion results, instead of the sole lecturing of theory on the book; we were forced to speak English by this way and improved our English proficiency. What is the most impressive is the game kahoot; Davide used this game in each class to review what we had learnt in previous class; isn’t it adorable? Although I returned home very late every day, I thought I had a very rich and meaningful week.

        Above all, you are certainly curious about kahoot. Davide has achieved multi-screen interaction from Macbook to iPad and to iPhone by means of PPT and projection, and the course presentation effect is very cool. Kahoot is a game-based evaluation platform, which may be used by teachers to conduct online game-like test and evaluation to improve the interactivity and interestingness of classroom teaching.

       (Picture: Fig. 6 Kahoot Presentation)

Davide and Kahoot are developing the content text for previous learning of the Leadership course at the time of preparing lessons; once one question is answered, the system shall provide the promote feedback, including the participation conditions, accuracy rate, students’ ranking and the scores. Students can set up the nickname through their phones so as to participate in answering the questions. Davide prepared very carefully, and the enthusiasm of students in participating in the activity is very large. On one occasion, the accuracy rate of one question answered by the whole class is zero, Davide played a trick and played the “Geyou Slump”.

       (Picture: Picture 7 Davide’s Geyou Slump)

        Group Diary——By Big Vic: in one evening 7 days ago, when I went to the classroom, I had been late for one lesson. I rushed into the classroom, and the teacher with whiskers was showing a motion graph, and the red point on the picture was being swallowed by the green point gradually. You're gonna develop a model and present it. Her way of teaching is very special; he always make students understand some concepts intuitively in the way of team discussion, then he summarizes different understanding into several cores in the way of detailed integration., then we can always remember such concepts finally. Such teaching ways occur in his teaching frequently, which increases the participation enthusiasm of us, motivates our thoughts and provides us a chance to talk irresponsibly humorlessly. In the evening of the last day, I written my name on the examination paper, Davide had always put his hands on the trunk for catching the flight. We have to say goodbye to Davide, who always yells at the people taking exercise below stairs that we’re teaching, who played the Geyou Slump on the chair when the whole class fails in he same kahoot questions, who likes Chinese food and get fat and who can catch my attention all the time. We meet as the teacher and students, and our farewells is also made as the teacher and students. If we still have the chance to see each other again, I will give him a glass of pearl milk tea and say: Hey bro.


        The Model task which has been arranged on Day 1 was finally completed. Each team showed their own Model, showed the work division of their teams and made analysis with the combination of the theory learned by them. Although it was a short learning period with only 5 days, and our models were very immature, Davide kindly proposed many improvement and promotion suggestions for the Model of each team, and kindly understood the work division of each team, so that we could understand and identify the function and relationship between the Leader and Member in the team.

       (Picture: Fig. 8 – Model Exhibition)

        Group Diary——By Vera: Before the real end came, we did not know that we could drop into so many grief of parting. We have ended many courses, but we may not always be reluctant to leave. You may say that it is our special containment for foreign language teacher, or an opportunity for us to feel the activity, interest, enthusiasm and so on of learning with him. No matter it is change of English or the logic, we have achieved new advance in this early summer night. To some degree, it is not only the learning significance of leadership all-English course, but also the learning significance of MBA.

       (Picture: Fig. 9 Group Photo)