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International communication is opening another window for us -A line of visit of Ecuador UDLA University
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2016 Fall Semester, Class MBA3 Zhang Guodong

On November 6, 2016 (Sunday), Former Consul General Sir Jorge Hidal Do of Ecuador in Shanghai and MBA students of UDLA University came to Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School for communication, and I was very lucky to be one of student representatives to participate in this communication activity.

 At 9 oclock pm, Ecuadorian students arrived in MBA School, and they visited Zheshang Museum of the school under the leadership of Teacher Wu. They carefully listened site explanation, and stopped at display window. During the process of visiting, I recognized Fausto Taviano who was entrepreneur with a background in engineering, and he created a training institution. He said that stories of Zhejiang merchant entrepreneurs have certain reference and enlightening significance to his career development.

After visit finished, Director of Zheshang General Assembly, Curator of Zheshang Museum, Chief Executive Officer of Zhejiang Zhejiang Merchant Seminar and Assistant Dean of Zhejiang Merchant Research Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University, Professor Yang Yiqing brought one wonderful lecture of which subject was the Way of Zhejiang Merchant in the fourth floor of museum to everyone, and he introduced overall characteristic, current state and development of Zhejiang merchants in detail.

During the link for communications of MBA students in two universities, Ecuadorian students shared human geography, natural resources and economy conditions of Ecuador with us. They had very strong aspiration to knowledge, and liked to communicate with Chinese students very much. They were very serious during the whole process, and some students took notes at any time. As student representative participating in this communication activity, I introduced conditions of our learning and working etc. to them. At the time of introducing business dealing between me and Ecuadorian customers, Ricardo Palacio G. made discussion with me in terms of dispute resolution clause in the contract, and he had lawyer background. On problems of formation and dispute resolution of contract, he gave me many suggestions and inspirations. It was unfortunately that Denis had a cold after she came to China, and drug reaction made her sleepy. But she always tried to insist the whole communication link, and she had a keen interest in Chinese culture. When she left university, she made me recommend some Chinese books to her. At noon, foreign and Chinese students had meal in university canteen. During the meal, I talked with Jessy Paradas while eating, and she said Shanghai and Hangzhou dishes had different tastes. I explained food culture and manners and customs in different regions to her, and recommended dish of sweet and sour fillet of pork to her according to her favorite. At the time of dinner, she sent message to me and told me she finally ate sweet and sour fillet of pork as she wished. It was the Chinese dish which she wanted to eat most.

After launch, visiting group went to Wensli Group for enterprise visit under leadership of Teacher Wu. From recognizing Zhejiang merchant to enter into Zhejiang merchant enterprise, then to contact Zhejiang merchant closely, they taught me this kind of activity made them mad with joy. They had deep admiration of Zhejiang merchant, and they loved Chinese culture. They hoped Ecuador could have more business intercourse with China.

Thank the school for creating and establishing international communication opportunity and platform for our MBA students, which is opening another window with charming scene for us.