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Publicity on Selection Result for Students of Exchange and Overseas Studying Program of the Second Semester in 16/17 Academic Year
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According to announcement requirements for arrangement of application and selection examination for exchange and overseas studying program of Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School and Law, Economics and Management School of Université dAngers issued on April 14, 2017, examination performance and list for student selection of short-listed exchange and study aboard program is published as follows:

During the period of publicity, in case there are different opinions about related people, it is advisable to reflect to International Communication and Cooperation Office of MBA School in methods of telephone, letter and visit etc.. It shall be practical and realistic about reflecting problem, and real name shall be informed in telephone and letter.

Acceptance department: International Communication and Cooperation Office of MBA School

Telephone: 0571-81189507 E-mail:

Publicity for selection result (55 credits are regarded as qualified)


Student number

Written examination assessment for English skills (50%)

Interview assessment for English application (50%)

Total credit

Zhang Guodong





Zhang Xiaoqi