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So Beautiful Taiwan is, Let’s See It with Companions
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Overseas Study Trip of MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University—Taiwan Station


During the trip in Taiwan,

We will lead you to visit famous enterprises in Taiwan,

Fell top enterprise culture,

View obsessing scenery

Experience folk culture!

Acquaint with elites in business circle in Taiwan and main land.


Time arrangement


October 2 to November 8

Please contact for application:

15988438841 Teacher Wu

Initial preparation (visa processing)

November 10 to December 5


December 8


December 10 to December 16

Note: Journey time may be slightly changed due to the situation of visa issuing.


Journey and fees of Taiwan Study Trip

Day number/


Journey content

Journey arrangement



The first day



Flight in reference: GE3111040/1200

[am] arriving at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

[pm] visit Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall/President Palace

[pm] visit 101 Mansion and reach the peak

[Evening] welcome dinner

[Breakfast] none

[Noon] none

[Dinner] Provided

Taipei United Hotel or the same level

The second day


[am] visit Asustek Computer

       <Theme> forge global famous brand –ASUS successfully  

(Enterprises to be visited can be adjusted)        

[pm] Taipei Palace Museum 

[Evening] hot spring

[Breakfast] dine in the hotel

[Lunch] provided

[Dinner] provided

Danshui Furong Hot Spring Club or the same level

The third day



[am] visit exhibition hall of Formosa Plastics

        <Theme> brand story of “Formosa Plastics”

(Enterprises to be visited can be adjusted)

[pm] visit Pacific Cycles

<Theme> forge global design brand through innovation of R&D

(Enterprises to be visited can be adjusted)

[Night] Fengjia Night Market      

[Breakfast] dine in the hotel

[Lunch] provided

[Dinner] by yourself

Hotel National Taichung or the same level

The fourth day



[am] Chung Tai Chan Monastery

[pm] scenic spot of Sun Moon Lake (arrange bicycle tour of surrounding the lake)

[Breakfast] dine in the hotel

[Lunch] provided

[Dinner] provided

Yinghan Hotel of Sun Moon Lake or the same level

The fifth day

Gaohsiung -Kenting

[am] visit Unity Group

        <Theme> brand operation way of Unity Enterprise

(Enterprises to be visited can be adjusted)

 [pm] head to Kenting   

[Breakfast] dine in the hotel

[Lunch] provided

[Dinner] provided

Kenting Furong Hotel or the same level

The sixth day



[am] Kenting

[pm] scenic spot of Siziwan

[Breakfast] dine in the hotel

[Lunch] provided

[Dinner] provided

The seventh day



Reference flight: AE995 (07: 35/09: 40)

Say goodbye to Taiwan

(Note: this journey will be slightly changed due to local actual situation!)



Individual visa: fee is 7200 yuan/person;

Business visa: fee is 8100 yuan/person


[Fees include]

? Fee of free travel visa or business visa to Taiwan (including Taiwan business invitation)

? Visit fee (part) of official affairs

?  Fees of return ticket from Hangzhou to Taiwan and transportation within the journey in Taiwan

?  Five-star hotel all the way, standard room

Meal fee during the journey [standard fee of breakfast and lunch in hotels is NT$250, and standard fee of the dinner is NT$300]

Arrange Fengjia Night Market on the night of the fourth day, and you shall have dinner by yourself

?  Entrance ticket of scenic spots marked in the journey [101, the Imperial Palace, lake tour of Sun Moon Lake, renting bicycles]

?  Tourism insurance of two million yuan (including medical insurance of thirty thousand yuan) in the territory


[Fees exclude]

Tips for the driver and the tour guide, handling fee of Macao Permit and visa of a third country, price difference for single room of man and woman, personal consumption [such as fees of shopping, phone, catering and personal transportation], fees due to irresistible forces [typhoon, earthquake, natural disaster, war, strike, etc], related loss of plane ticket and visa, etc due to temporary cancellation of the tour for some clients. Price difference for a single room is RMB475 (five-star hotel).



?  Tax is not included in above quotation

?  Travelers leaving the group at will and travelers who do not participate activities with the group shall undertake fee of leaving the group.

?  In case the customers do not view specified tourist sites, then the fees will not be returned, and the sites cannot be changed.

?  In case of a single male or a single female, beds shall be added or price difference for a single room shall be supplemented by customers, or it can be handled according to room assignment of couples.

?  No Shopping of the whole group.


Material requirements:

1. Application form and two two-inch color picture of white ground

2. Whole set copy of residence booklet, copies of both sides of ID card

3. Copy of home page (picture page) of traffic permit+ endorsement

4. Copies of both sides of ID card for emergency contract person (in case they are not in the same residence booklet, residence booklet and relationship with the traveler shall be provided otherwise).

5. Bank statement of over 50 thousand yuan or incumbency certification of over 130 thousand yuan of annual salary