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Canadian and American Station for Overseas Study Trip of Zhejiang Gongshang University
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I. Time arrangement

April 16 - April 20

Activity registration

May 4 – June 15

Preparatory work (visa and so on) before activity

About September 15

Punish detailed precautions and groups

October 1 – October 12



Summary of study trip

II. Total expense: about 26800 RMB


l  Visa fee

l  Transportation fee, accommodation fee and meal fee in the trip

l  Expense of tour guide and driver

l  Expenses of lecture, visiting and so on in the trip

Excluding: personal consumption and expense, single room difference and so on caused by all force majeure factors

III. Journey




October 1

  Shanghai Pudong / New York

  UA 087 PVGEWR 1545/1805

  UA 087 PVGEWR 1545/1805

  All distinguished guests are required to arrive in Shanghai Pudong International Airport three hours in advance and leave for New York by international flight. There are specially-assigned person meeting at the airport after arrival and then you can check in hotel and have a rest.

October 2

  New York

  AC220 16000/1825

   AC220 16000/1825

  After breakfast, leave for [Twin Tower of World Trade Center – original World Trade Center site] (by car), [Federal Hall] (outside visit, visiting time is about 20 minutes), it is the place where Washington swears in as the first American President. Recall American history in Federal Hall. [Wall Street] (visiting time is about 20 minutes) There are only 7 blocks from Broadway to East River, but it is famous as “financial center of America” in the world. You will have chance to touch financial giants directly and feel working life and cultural atmosphere of international top financial country.

  Then travel by [Stature of Liberty Cruise*] (visiting time is about half past one hours. Cruise is around the island and does not get on the island), enjoy beautiful urban scene of New York along with Hudson River and feel American liberalism at close range. After lunch, leave for [United Nations Headquarters] (outside visit for about 10 minutes) and [Fifth Avenue] (total free activity time is about 1 hour). Fifth Avenue is also called “Art Museum” Avenue. It is a wonderful place to study western architecture and art design.


October 3

  New York /Philadelphia / Washington

●   After breakfast, drive to Washington via the capital of Pennsylvania [Philadelphia*], it is world heritage city and used to be capital of America before establishment of Washington. The city is filled with rich American historic culture (visiting time is about 40 minutes). [Independence Palace] (outside visit) is famous historic commemorative building of America and is symbol of American independence. [Liberty Bell] (outside visit) is one of the most famous bells in the world, is the symbol of Philadelphia, and is also symbol of free spirit of America. After arrival, visit [the White House] (outside visit and visiting time is about 20 minutes). It is office space of all previous presidents and government. [The Parliament Buildings] (outside visit and the visiting time is about 20 minutes) is the heart building of America, and the highest symbol of the government of people, by the people and for the people in the eyes of Americans. [Lincoln Memorial], [Vietnam Veterans Memorial] and [Korea Veterans Memorial] (total visiting time is about 20 minutes). [Jefferson Memorial] (outside visit and visiting time is about 20 minutes) is established in honor of one of founding fathers of the United States and also the third American President Thomas Jefferson. The journey of this day not only brings you a visual feast, but also a unique studying trip of American historic culture.

●    October 4

●   Washington/ Montreal

   AC 186 1810/0015+1

●   After arriving in Montreal, Canada by boarding   the international plan, you will be picked up to visit Mcgill University, St Joseph Church (in) which is the biggest church in North America, Basilique NotoreDame which is the most beautiful church (appearance), old district in Montreal, Saint Catherine which is a prosperous commercial street, and etc. On the day, you will have an opportunity to make deep interaction with students in foreign universities and to learn American religious culture and purchase what you want in the commercial street.


●   October 5

●      Montreal/ Chicoutimi (University of Quebec)

●     After breakfast, you will drive to University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. You will pass by Quebec and you can visit [Battery Park] (about 30 minutes); in addition, you can visit [Royal Square] (about 30 minutes) which is the oddest area in North America continent and it has been listed as the world heritage. All surrounding city wall and fortresses reflect long history culture of North America.

●   October 6

 ●    Chicoutimi

●     You will attend the graduation ceremony of University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.


●    After the ceremony, you will visit local winery industry enterprise-Blueberry Wine Producer Domain and you will have an opportunity to observe the whole wine-making process and to learn local wine culture.

●   October 7

●    Chicoutimi- Montreal

●     In the morning, you need to participate in school activities for half a day; after that, you will drive to return to Montreal; upon arrival, you can rest in your hotel.


●   October 8

●    Montreal- Ottawa

●     After breakfast, you will drive to Ottawa which is the capital city of Canada to visit Parliament Building, Governor’s House, Rideau Canal so as to personally experience local government environment and canal culture.


●   October 9

●    Ottawa- Kinston-Toronto

●     After breakfast, you will pass by Thousand-island Lake on the way to Toronto and you can take a boat to visit the lake. Then, you will go to Kingston, which is the founding capital of Canada to visit Queen's University, municipal hall, Royal Military College of Canada, railway engine, and etc. so as to experience local college culture and to make interaction with local students; you will arrive in Toronto at dusk.


●   October 10

●    Toronto- Buffalo

●     After breakfast, you will drive to Niagara Falls which is the most extraordinary sight in the world and you can take sightseeing boat to visit it; you will pass by grape farm on the way returning to Toronto, thus you can learn farm culture and taste ice wine which is a wine exclusive in Canada. In the afternoon, you will return to Toronto city to visit municipal hall, provincial assembly, University of Toronto, CN Towel (climbing the towel) and etc.


●   October 11

   ●   Buffalo/  transfer/Shanghai

●     After breakfast, you will go to the airport so as to board the plan for returning to Shanghai.


●   October 12

●    Shanghai

●     After arriving in Shanghai, the journey ends.


Please contact: you head teacher or Miss Wu with the telephone No. of 15988438841.

 Please contact Li Xia about journey consultation with the telephone No. of 18767135126.