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International Academic Summer Camp for German State of Lower Saxony School of Management in 2017
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Program for international academic summer camp for German State of Lower Saxony School of Management in 2017 has been started, and some places will be opened for Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School this time.

Introduction to school 

It is located in German State of Lower Saxony School of Management (it is called DMAN for short) next to Hannover, and it is a community organization devoted to training for economic development and leading talent. Through professional seminar and management and training courses, the school imparts all kinds of practical oriented leadership skills, and also helps students establish cooperation platform for international business.

Introduction to the program

l  Course objective

The program will provide strategy course of initiating success road of enterprise future for you. Apart from overview of international competition principle, strategy and tool of strategy marketing, you will also learn knowledge about German enterprise culture, and key elements for effective marketing & sales management will be discussed. Enterprise visit can make you obtain intuitive experience, and this kind of opportunity can be used to communicate information and experience with host. You can view and emulate application for the latest technology, organizing solution and management tools on site. This kind of interactive training will improve your cross-cultural competitiveness and management skills. You will have opportunity to communicate experience with Germany managers, and to establish business connection.

l  Schedule

Course which lasts for one week includes 3 days training and enterprise visit activity of 2 days.

l  Training places

It is in Zeller palace of Zeller city of German, and visit place is regional enterprise.

l  Program time:

From August 20 to 26, 2017

l  Program expense

2000 Euro

l  Application condition

1. School students and alumnus of MBA and MPM programs of the school

2. English ability of accepting courses all in English is required.

Please contact for application:    Teacher Wu  Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School 15988438841

Please consult for program details:   Gu Chun   Shanghai Representative Office of Lower Saxony, Germany     +86 21 6841 9885