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Admission Guide for Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Zhejiang Gongshang University
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I. Introduction to the University and School

Zhejiang Gongshang University is located in Hangzhou, the Capital of Zhejiang Province with beautiful scenery and its predecessor is Hangzhou Middle School of Business which was founded in 1911. When the school was initially founded, it was pioneer of business education in our province and it was also one of special business schools which were founded at the earliest in our country. In 1980, Hangzhou College of Commerce was approved by the State Council to be founded and its name was changed into Zhejiang Gongshang University in 2004 after being approved by Ministry of Education. For hundreds of years, the school sticks to tradition of running school for business study. Especially in 1998, the school directly subordinate to original Ministry of Commerce was changed into a school “which is jointly established by central government and local authority and focuses on local management” and the school sticks to special ideas of running school, focuses on economics and management subjects, promotes harmonious development of law science and engineering and some other subjects and its school-running level is thus constantly improved. In 2015, the school was determined to be a university jointly founded by People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Education.

MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University was founded in 2004 and the School is responsible for running MBA and MPM masters as well EDP programs. Up to now, the School has cultivated more than 6000 students in which there are more than 3000 academic students. The mission of the School is to “enrich wisdom in local management in globalization era and cultivate business elites with social responsibility and leadership” and the School is devoted to providing education and service of high-rank applied talents for society so as to reflect school-running characteristics which “originate from, research and help Zhejiang Gongshang University”.

II. Introduction to MBA program

MBA program of Zhejiang Gongshang University worships the organic combination of scientific spirit, humanistic spirit and MBA education and it is rooted in Zhejiang Province-one of eastern coastal provinces in China with the most developed economy. It faces to Yangtze River Delta and the objective is to “root in regional innovation and entrepreneurship practice, cultivate professional managers and entrepreneurs with social responsibility and pioneering spirit, international view and native advantages as well as outstanding strategic thinking and executive capability and the characteristic is to “reply on century-old prestigious school, root in regional culture focusing on commerce, combine knowledge and action in process of cultivation and take advantage of education and service all the time”. Besides, the emphasis of the program is to cultivate talents in finance, IT service, innovation and entrepreneurship of middle and small-sized enterprises and modern commerce and marketing in globalization and information age by virtue of construction of special talent system of Zhejiang merchants through “cultural inheritance, guidance in wisdom, action in study and international development”.


Full-time MBA (off-the-job MBA)

Non-full-time MBA (on-the-job MBA)

Learning mode

Monday to Friday

Intensive class: 3 to 4 days every month

Weekend class: 2 to 3 weekends every month

School system

2 years (classes for 1 year)

2 years (classes for 1.5 years)

Major field

Strategic and innovation entrepreneurship, human resources, Internet and commercial operation, marketing as well as accounting and finance


Century-old prestigious school of business study, support of first-class subject and double tutors with one from school and one from enterprise

Vocational development guidance in the whole process and scholarship specially set for full-time MBA students

III. Examination

The examination is divided into preliminary examination and reexamination.

(I) Preliminary examination:

    1. Qualifications for singing up for the examination: 2 years or above after acquiring master degree (acquire the graduation certificate before August 2016), 3 years or above after graduating from undergraduate college (acquire the graduation certificate before August 2015) and 5 years or above after graduating from junior college (acquire the graduation certificate before August 2013).

    2. On-line registration: examinees can log in the website: to sign up in mid-to-end October 2017. It is not allowed to sign up after expiration and it is also not allowed to alter registration information.

    3. On-site confirmation: examinees can confirm their on-line registration information in designated place of examination applying place with their valid certificates in early-to-middle November and then pay examination fees. And then pictures and relevant electronic information of examinees will be collected and it is not allowed to reapply after expiration.

    4. Examination time: December 2017 or January 2018 and the final time will be subject to notice of Ministry of Education.

  (II) Reexamination:

    1. Reexamination time: middle ten days of March to last ten days of April in 2018. The minimum passing score will be uniformly determined by our country and the school will determine passing score of reexamination and voluntarily organize reexamination;

    2. Reexamination subjects: politics of current events (thesis) and comprehensive interview (oral English+ management capability and quality).

IV. Graduation and degree awarding

    Certificate of master degree and academic certificate of postgraduate will be awarded for students who complete specified credits and pass thesis defense.

V. Application for admission ahead of schedule

To select a batch of excellent MBA students with management and innovation potential, MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University specially organizes interview about admission of 2018MBA ahead of schedule. Students passing interview about admission ahead of schedule and being pre-recorded will be enrolled once they pass the minimum passing score uniformly determined by our country.

It is preliminarily determined that the interview about admission ahead of schedule will be held in July 15, July 30, August 19 and September 23 in 2017 and the specific policy is shown in Notice of Zhejiang Gongshang University about Interview of MBA Admission ahead of Schedule in 2018 which will be subsequently issued.

VI. Contact information

Tel.: 0571-88055297, 88215253 and 81189517

Contact persons: Teacher Chen, Teacher Miao and Teacher He


E-mail: and

Address: No. 149, Jiaogong Road, Hangzhou City and Floor 2, No. 1 Teaching Building, Campus at Jiaogong Road, Zhejiang Gongshang University

WeChat account number: mbaxyzjgsu; QQ group for examination preparation: 535323178

You can apply for materials about joint examination about management for free. MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University is expecting you to join us!