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The Meeting of Teaching Development Department of MBA School Was Convened
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In the morning on April 21, the meeting of Teaching Development Center of MBA School was successfully convened in Room 1210 of No. 1 Teaching Building. The meeting was mainly about discussion on contents of Training Program (Draft) for MBA in 2017, Detailed Rules (Draft) for Implementation of MBA Academic Dissertation Defense Procedures and Specification for Dissertation Format of Maser of Business Administration (MBA) etc. and then department directors exchanged ideas about design scheme of management information system of MBA School. Professor Qu Liang-Vice President, Prefessor Xiao Di-Academic Director of Teaching Development Center, department directors, teaching directors and supervisor of teaching affairs and relevant personnel have attended the meeting.   


The meeting was hosted by Teacher Xiao Di-Academic Director. First of all, he organized the discussion about Training Program (Draft) for MBA in 2017. Department directors had fully discussed Training Program (Draft) for MBA in 2017 from aspect of connotation interpretation of school vision, mission and strategy and ELITE cultivation pattern in training program, scientificity and practicability in setting of optional course as well as reasonability in setting of full-time MBA course. It was widely believed by department directors that the setting of practical and professional optional courses with low credits can enable teachers to “carry out intensive and meticulous education” and enhance students’ selectivity and sense of identity. Based on this, department and section directors comprehensively enlarged their professional modules and enlarged a large number of practical courses with clear objectives.


Emphasis of the meeting was to discuss specific measures that were taken to ensure cultivation quality of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University and to promote level of academic dissertation. At the meeting, Detailed Rules (Trial Implementation) for Implementation of MBA Academic Dissertation Defense Procedures in MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University was discussed and improved and Xiang Rong, Director of Strategic and Innovation Entrepreneurship Department and Associate Professor had summarized the most common and repeated problems in MBA dissertations. He pointed out that at present, some students do not have enough exchange of ideas and communication with tutors in process of writing dissertation and he also put forward solutions for the current situation so as to provide the though to enhance dissertation management and improve quality of dissertation in later periods.

Regular meeting of MBA Teaching Development Center guided by Academic Director and department and section directors is one important system design for teaching management of the School. Due to impeccable governance structure and detailed responsibility division as well as full-process teaching tracking and feedback in design of training program, training process management and training quality control, great progress has been made in existing teaching and cultivation process. This meeting is of strong guidance for cultivation of full-time MBA and quality improvement in dissertation in later periods.


This department and section meeting had indicated working ideas in reform of training program and management of dissertation. It was predicted that all work of the School would be obviously improved in a short time and thus laid a solid foundation for further development of the School in the future.