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Inheritance and development--MBA alumni Dong Yuan brings a spectacular marketing management lecture for younger students
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Over the 12 years after launch of the MBA Program at Zhejiang Gongshang University, the alumni have been on the stage of the MBA School’s development and the MBA alumni have gradually become a major force promoting the School’s development. On the morning of June 27, the classroom of the MBA3 Class, 14 Fall were fully seated. This time at the Marketing Management Class, the alumnus Dong Yuan was invited to share his reflections and experiences with the younger schoolmates.


DONG Yuan, MBA Alumnus of the Year 2009, co-founder of Bangshi Capital and founder of the Angel Partner Social Group. In 2015 he was awarded one of the ten angel investors of Hangzhou. Rather than sharing the regular marketing courses, Mr. DONG Yuan focuses on sharing of case analysis by quoting cases of the widely-known Xiaomi, Tesla and VEIBA to vividly and simply explain the core contents of company marketing. In addition, he also referred to the concept of “Preparing for the Danger Before It Happens”, encouraging students to get more touch with the crowd-funding and border-crossing to become managers of the new era. To have the younger schoolmates to get in touch with the successful marketing business-start-up cases of the Internet+ Era, Mr. Dong particularly invited Mr. XU Zhangsheng, CEO of the Hangzhou VEBA Information Technology Co., Ltd to make speeches.

With one-decade experience of working on the internet, Mr. XU is particularly good at product design, product operation and marketing. Since late 2012, relying on open-up of Wechat Public Platform to the mobile internet industry, he founded the Hangzhou VEBA Information Technology Co., Ltd. VEBA focuses on the development of the Wechat third-party applications and Wechat marketing services. So far, there have been more than 300,000 served terminal brand business-owners of China like Intime, Wanda, Wanke, Jiuyang, Guangsha and Haier. Mr. XU noted that his business start-up originated from his grasp of the future trend-social communicative acquaintance circle represented by Wechat, which will become a heated marketing channel over the coming few years.


 “All deeds of everybody originate from their confidence about the future”, sharing of the business start-up stars well promoted MBA students’ confidence about business start-up and pushed a lot of students to put business start-up on agenda. More than a marketing management class, it was a widely popular business start-up rally.

Interactions between alumni and the current students to share their workplace experiences and life reflection, to inspire students to grow up, to guide students to develop their careers, to assist the younger generations and to promote development of teaching and learning mirrors the spirit inherited and carried forward by the Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School.

For the current students, through opportunities of visiting enterprises, practicing in enterprises, career-planning and sharing the industrial knowledge and the technical training provided by the alumni, they can constantly acquire the experiences on their path of career development and grow-up and will be better for entering the society. For alumni, through sharing their experiences with the younger schoolmates, they can keep and strengthen their close ties with the mother school and other alumni, and with their own deeds, they can drive the younger schoolmates to develop, to repay the society and to contribute their intelligence and warmth to the development of Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School.