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Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School has been long committed to establishing high-end communicative platform of resource-sharing, lifelong learning, career-development, industrial interaction for the MBA alumni. Since the student recruitment in 2004, the School has collectively cultivated more than 2,000 graduates serving in various industries. On December 18 of 2010, under the guidance and support of Zhejiang Gongshang University’s Alumni Association, the MBA School Alumni Association was established and in the same year, the sub-branches were established in Wenzhou and Taizhou where there are concentrated alumni.


The main principle of the MBA School Alumni Association is to build up four platforms: a contact platform to closer the relationships between the university, MBA School and alumni and between alumni, an information platform to spread news in needs of alumni and the alumni-sponsored enterprises for human and materials to provide help, a cooperation platform to promote collaborations between the School and alumni and between alumni-sponsored enterprises in terms of education, science and culture, a jointly-built development platform to realize common prosperity and development of the University, the MBA School, alumni and the alumni-sponsored enterprises.


The MBA School Alumni Association would regularly organize communicative events of different kinds and found professional club including HRT, financial property clubs and business start-up clubs. Backed up by various activities carried out, the cooperation between alumni will get mature. There had been good news delivered one piece after another including alumni cooperative business start-up, mega-merger between alumni-sponsored enterprises and resource-sharing between enterprises where the alumni serve in.  Backed by this alumni event themed “Innovative Business Start-up & Cooperation for Win-win”, particularly we hold the strategic cooperation agreement-signing ceremony for two pairs of alumni cooperative enterprises and invited Pro.NIE Biao, President of the MBA School, Pro.CHEN Jue, Vice President, Mr.LIU Zhenhui, Director of the MBA School Alumni Association and Board Chairman of Zhejiang Economic Cooperation Group and 24 alumni representatives from the Class 04-14. Mr. DONG Yuan, founder of the Bangshi Capital (MBA Alumni of Fall 2009)  and Mr. YE Yibo, Standing Vice President of Huaqing Group (MBA Alumni of Fall 2007) carried out cooperation on buildup of tourist service internet+ finance platform respectively on behalf of their own companies; Mr. MAO Linbo, President of Nanpai Film (MBA Alumni of Fall 2011) and Mr. ZHANG Jujie of Shining Treasure (MBA Almuni of Spring 2006) carried out cooperation on buildup of film & TV internet+ financial platform. As Mr. LIU Zhenhui, Director of the Alumni Association said, the communications between alumni should be closer and the cooperation could be more frequent. Backed up by the communicative platform established by the Alumni Association, we should work together to promote the connection between the careers of our alumni, invigorate power of the Zhejiang Gongshang University’s MBA/MPM alumni as theme of today’s event: “Business Start-up and Innovation for Win-win Cooperation”.


In this event, Mr. NIE and Mr. CHEN, two presidents of the MBA School expressed their particular gratitude towards grants of some alumni representatives and held the bronze-medal-awarding ceremony for them. They are: Mr. LIU Zhenhui, MPM Alumnus of the Year 2006, Mr. DONG Yuan, MBA Alumnus of Fall 2009, Mr. SHU Xiaogang, MBA Alumnus of the Year 2008 and Ms. HUANG Rong, MPM Alumna of the Year 2013. 


As Mr. NIE said, during the 12 years of Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School’s operation, the alumni have stepped into the MBA School’s development platform and the alumni have gradually become a vital force promoting the School’s development. As of now, at the activities of the School, the MBA alumni could be seen as more than participants, but planners, organizers even sponsors. The regurgitation-feeding phenomenon between the School and alumni has gradually come into being. Many thanks for concern and support of all alumni. Development of the School is closely linked with dedications of all alumni. Mr. NIE has also introduced the latest development of the MBA School and particularly focused on international verification of the School, reporting of the international projects, decoration of the class buildings and so on. He also proposed that all alumni often come back for a visit.  


The alumni expressed that alumni are mostly trusted, and for standing on the land for the same-purpose struggles in their life experiences, all alumni should cooperate closer.


In addition, most of the alumni participating in the event work for innovative investment companies. Mr. SHU Xiaogang, founder of Lanjiang Investment, proposed all to set up an innovative investment club to realize sharing of capitals, projects and resources, which was strongly echoed by the seated alumni.


Here we would like to extend our special thanks to Mr. YAO Lijun, General Manager of the Crystal City Business Center and MPM Alumni of Class 1 of the Year 2012 who provided the meeting venue and sponsored the banquet and Mr. ZHENG Jianzhong, Board Chairman of Hangzhou Yimi Trade Co., Ltd and MPM Alumni of Class 1 of the Year 2010 who sponsored the wine and beverages.


Here again, it is quoted by Mr. DING Lu, an alumnus as follow:

“The hills and water are frozen on arrival of autumn while the willows turn green and the flowers blossom on arrival of spring”

At that time, we gathered for growing up no matter for glory or being ordinary;

Right now we move forward continuously on the same line, bearing numberless fruits and holding deep affection

In the season of “Heavy Snow” potentially filled with energy, for ties between students, we invited you for joint talk and for the affection between teachers and students, we invited you for cheerful communications.

Heart of the Mother School, Heart of Schoomates, Heart of Alumni, Work together with joint efforts and Being Empowered with the energy lent from others.