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Drinking water from a stream, the drinker should keep the source in mind. Making achievements after accomplishment, the learner should remember the teachers----Interview with President of the Alumni A
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Interviewee: LIU Zhenhui, MPM Alumnus of the Year 2008


Chairman of Zhejiang Economic Cooperation Group and President of Alumni Association of MBA School, Zhejiang Gongshang University


Date of the Interview: March 7, 2014


No matter how tall the trees are, there must be a root and no matter how the streams run, there must be a source. The mother school is a cradle for our growth and the start point of a long march. Staying far from hometown, the mother school is harbor of our heart and soul. No matter where we are, our heart is closely linked with the mother school. We come from different industries and gather at the MBA School. It is the hard work of our teachers at the MBA School which gave us oars for making long voyages; it is also because of their hard work, we were given the wings to fly high in the sky. Benefited by the mother school, we are more and more proficient in enterprise management and our skills of management have gradually become scientific and mature. Looking back at the period we stayed together, we found out the challenging experiences, sorrow and joy diluted and our true friendship and teachers’inculcation gradually getting thicker. Here at this moment, I would like to deeply appreciate the mother school and our beloved teachers on behalf of all members of the Alumni Association.


Alumni Association of MBA School, Zhejiang Gongshang University is an open platform and spiritual garden where all alumni can share their successes and joy, deliver friendship and values. It is an emotional tie connecting us with the mother school and contacting other alumni. Thanks to trust of everybody, I was appointed at the important position of the association’s president and I believe, it is not only an honor but also a responsibility and obligation. I will continue to work hard as leading person, liaison, advertiser and server and continue to actively make effort in expanding the Alumni association’s size, improving the alumni network and communicating at multiple levels.


The Alumni Association is fusion of our shared history, a common hope and desire indication of us and more importantly, a new start and opportunity! Along the way from the start, we should coordinate our efforts and let’s move on making the road longer and wider. Here I have three suggestions for you: 


1. Hope each of our alumni could actively make full use of the alumni platform, strengthen the ties between each other, complement advantages between each other and fully carry out cooperation between each other.


2. Hope each of our alumni could steadily support work of the Alumni Association, to actively participate in activities of the Alumni Association, to provide advice for the development of the Association, to consolidate concern and advertisement for the mother school and continue to construct the Alumni Association into a better one.


3. Hope each of our alumni could hold the social responsibility to develop ourselves while better serving and repaying the society.

Drinking water from a stream, the drinker should keep the source in mind. Yesterday we were proud of attending the mother school and today the mother school is proud of having us as alumni. Let’s move forward over generation by generation to write the future of the coming two decades, three decades, five decades and one century. Let’s accomplish ourselves and make our dream come true hand in hand to explore the better future.


Appendix: About Zhejiang Economic Cooperation Group

Zhejiang Economic Cooperation Group is an inter-regional, diversified and export-oriented enterprise group founded in light of the decision from the provincial standing committee’s expanded meeting in October 1984. She has great reputation and powerful strength covering industries involved by real estate development, import & export trades, material sales, material rental and business start-up investment. So far, it has set up more than 10 subsidiaries in several regions including Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui.


The Company is operated according to the standards, strictly managed, has been highly ranked in the“Top 100 Evaluation”of business strength and operation scale at the National Economic Association and used to be awarded“the National Top 100 Material Distributors”“China’s 500 Largest Service Enterprises”“The Backbone Enterprises of Zhejiang Province’s Logistic Industry”and“The Biggest Enterprise of Zhejiang Commercial Industry”. In 1994, she was evaluated by Ministry of Internal Trade and National Bureau of Statistics”and ranked the 66thposition among the nation’s 500 largest logistic enterprises.