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Interviewee: CHEN Min, MBA alumna of the Year 2010
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Interviewee: CHEN Min, MBA alumna of the Year 2010


Chief Risk Officer of Yongan Futures Co., Ltd


Foreword: Though for long I have known that my name given by my parents cannot be more ordinary and it is common to meet with the people with the same given name and surname. It is still a karma for me to interview the excellent alumni with the same surname and the same first name. Starting from the time appointed, I had been looking forward to this meeting. Before leaving the office for the destination, my colleagues joked, “Sounds a little bit strange for one CHEN Min to meet another.”


CHEN Min, Chief Risk Officer of Yongan Futures Co.,Ltd. Yongan Futures is one of the future companies in China with the largest scale, widest business range and the strongest research strength with business scope including commodity futures brokerage, financial futures brokerage, futures investment consulting and asset management. CHEN Min is one of the first students at SMBA Program of Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School and in the year of her entry, she passed the national unified examination, was accepted as admit and in 2010 smoothly graduated from the studies. Since her graduation, she has always been mentioned and almost each year, the employees of Yongan Futures are dispatched to take the MBA courses. Through the chat with her, I knew that there had been many students recommended by her. It is an actual feedback move of alumni to the MBA School and we are quite moved about that.


Earlier in the interview, she and Mr. LIAO, her head teacher, recalled the interesting matters happening during her schooling years and talked about the development status of the classmates. After the graduation, there were also some small-scale gatherings of schoolmates. She is very concerned about her classmates and in her words “teachers and classmates are lifelong treasures of mine”. Pure affection between classmates connects hearts of all like a piece of magnet which motivates us to learn and to grow up together. Even after graduation, such atmosphere still ever lasts. 


As CHEN Min said, “During the period of taking MBA classes, the most impressive thing was the mutual progress through teachers’ interactive teaching and students’ learning. Compared with any previous stage of learning in the past, we gave up the traditional receptive style of learning and turned to positive thinking. We brought about questions into learning, teachers instructed the theories and case analysis for us and then the students re-exam the theories with the practical experiences. The students could carry out interactive debates on some particular focuses with their teachers. All we ran brain-storming, were brave to challenge theories beyond the thoughts to achieve win-win situations.”


The aspects of help and progress on her professional career and other fields, as she thinks, with some work experience, she should move forward learning with questions. While learning the theories, she should review her work, be good at concluding and be able to make up her own systematic methods of management through the practical experience-theory-learning-concluding process so that the value of learning would be maximized.


Talking about the courses and procedures of learning benefiting her most during her schooling, she strongly recommended the Road to Business Forum which could play an extreme role for students to expand their vision, to learn about the latest information at front of the industry and to upgrade their ability of observation. Different with the common courses, the 2-hour theme seminar covered huge amount of information. Though having graduated, she still hopes to continuously attend the Road to Business Forum.


Finally she hopes alumni of the MBA School could organize more industrial clubs, hold high-end industrial forums and regularly organize members of the industrial clubs to visit the representative or leading enterprises of the industry to enrich their learning experiences.


About Yongan Futures Co., Ltd


Yongan Futures Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Yongan Futures) is one of the future companies in China with the largest scale, widest business range and the strongest research strength with registered capital of RMB 860,000,000. It is formerly known as Zhejiang Yongan Futures Brokage Co.,Ltd and as approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission and Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce, since October of 2012, it was formally restructured to be a limited company. Headquartered in Hangzhou, Yongan Futures Co., Ltd employs over 850 employees and has business branches in about 33 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shenzhen. Its business scope includes commodity futures brokerage, financial futures brokerage, futures investment consulting and asset management. Under the flag of Yongan Futures there is a wholly-owned subsidy set up---Zhejiang Yongan Capital Management Co., Ltd with main responsibility of risk management trial businesses including warehouse services, CO hedging, pricing services and the basis trading. Yongan Futures has a holding subsidy in Hong Kong----China New Yongan Futures Co., Ltd with main responsibility of futures trading and consulting and the brokage services of overseas commodity and financial futures approved by HKSFC in Hong Kong. Yongan Futures has also invested shares in establishing Zhejiang Zhongbang Industrial Co., Ltd with responsibility of spot trading in the listed futures market. Since founding of the company, the operation scale of Yongan Futures has firmly been ranked as top one across Zhejiang Province and since 2003, its business operation skill has basically and steadily been ranked within the top three across China and it is the only futures entity in China which has been ranked within the national top 10 in 15 consecutive years.