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ESSCA Vice President, Professor Shen Wei Visited Our University for Exchanges
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On the afternoon of April 18, Song Xingwu, director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office in Zhejiang Gongshang University and Professor Chen Jue, Deputy Dean of MBA School, received the group of Professor Shen Wei, Vice president of ESSCA in Xiasha Campus, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and director of French league attended the meeting.


On behalf of MBA School, Deputy Dean Chen Jue extended a warm welcome to group of Vice president Shen Wei of ESSCA for visiting, and introduced the general conditions of our school and strategic objectives of international development. President Shen Wei expressed the intention to cooperate with our school and discussed in detail with Deputy Dean Chen Jue about the prospect of cooperation with ESSCA, at the same time, they reached consensus on many respects such as mutual recognition of credits, students communications, teachers exchanges, journey of learning, short-term MBA training and Double Master Degrees, and had determined the initial cooperation plans.


ESSCA was established in 1909 and had a history of more than 100 years. The head school is located in Angers City (UNESCO World Heritage) of Loire Valley in France, and now she had become one of the most prestigious high-level elite schools (Grandes écoles) in France. In October 2011, subject to the ranking by l'Etudiant, the most authoritative magazine for college students in France, ESSCA ranked first in 5-year master program in business school ranking in France.