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About Application for the 1st Semester Free Exchange Study Program between Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Université d'Angers
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To further accelerate the internationalization of the MBA School and to widen students’ international perception, the School signed an agreement on exchange studies with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Université d'Angers of France. According to the agreement, each year students submitted application which would be reviewed jointly by the two institutions and the most excellent candidates selected would be sent to attend the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Université d'Angers. In 2014, our school has totally sent 4 students to participate in the exchange study program and all of them have completed studies there and got back. Now the detailed information of the 1stSemester Exchange Study of 16/17 Academic Year is published as follows. Hopefully the students with intention to participate would prepare the relevant documents in advance and focus on notifications shown in the School’s platforms about the Exchange Study Admission.

Exchange Study Admission Seminar: 12:30-13:15 May 7, 2016 Classroom 1107, No.1 Building


I. Procedures of the Program

The overseas study program procedures between our school and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Université d'Angers of France is divided as follows: MBA School’s selection of the students, students’ transaction of the relevant procedures to study in France, the students’ attending of classes in France, 3-month study of the students, students’ scores and credits-achieving in France, the students’ getting back to China and scores being verified when the students come back.

II. Requirements for Application

Current registered MBA and MPM Students of the School

With strong proficiency of English (within the valid period TOEFL score of 80 or IELTS 5.5, TOEIC or equivalent scores of BEC or other qualification certificates proving the candidates’ English proficiency (should be verified by the School)

Mentally healthy, positive, academically excellent, abiding by the French laws and complete the studies timely

Meet relevant physical requirements of studying in foreign countries (territories)

III. Fees

The students admitted to attend the exchange study program are exempted from tuition at Université d'Angers of France and they only need to pay for their dinning, accommodation and insurances. The transportation fees are borne by the students themselves.

IV. Duration of the Study

Fall Semester of 2016 (From September to December 2016)

V. Mutually-recognizing of Credits

In condition of uniformity of the courses between the two institutions, the MBA School recognizes the scores and credits attained at Université d'Angers

In condition of differences occurring in courses between the two institutions, the School would recognize the credits attained at Université d'Angers as credits of elective courses.

The students attending the exchange study program and meeting the required scores are exempted from taking the course of Business English but are not exempted to take the exam of this course.

VI. Procedures of Selection

The procedures of selection is divided into five as information-posting, application, qualification review, selective interview, public posting & selecting and admission.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2016

Contact Phone Number: For more detailed information about the Program, please contact Mr.CHEN Cheng at International Office of the MBA School. Phone number: 88071024-8211