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Profile of Zhejiang Gongshang University’s “Case Center of Management”
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In order to promote case teaching and research of our university and jointly supported by the MBA School, the School of Business Administration and the School of Finance and Accounting, the Case Center of Management was officially founded on November 23, 2013. Since the date of founding, the Case Center have set up cooperative relationship with celebrated experts, scholars and well-known domestic and international institutions including Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario and Zhejiang University, improve the internal mechanism, push forward popularization of case-teaching methods and promote development, teaching and research of cases, which have so far yielded outstanding results.


By the early 2016, 31 cases of our university have been selected into the China Management Case Center which is the largest and influential case center in China. 10 cases have been granted the title of “100 Selected Management Cases”. Among those cases, the ones of CHENG Zhaoqian, CHEN Jue and SUN Yuan have been selected into the ranking several times. The case of XIAO Di titled “How the Podinn Hotel Stands Out from Competitions” became the final competition case in the Second National Management Case Talent Competition of the year 2014.


Cases are records and epitomes of practice, and for management courses featuring practice, cases are treasures. Development of cases can record excellent practices of business and management. Case teaching is characterized by the context involvement and student participation and plays a unique role in knowledge delivery. Case research is to set up a “bridge of sublimation” from practice to theories. It is our will to co-work with the people sharing the same goals with us ----to understand, to love at and to enjoy it.