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Master of Project Management Program
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In 2003 the School was approved to co-operate with the Université du Québec of Canada on running Master of Project Management Program and in 2013 the institution passed the qualification evaluation of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Program with excellent results. So far the institution has cultivated more than 1000 outstanding MPM graduates.


As it was predicated by the American magazine “Fortune”, project management would become the best profession of the 21st century while as it was predicted by Chinese experts, the 21st century would be the era of project management. The program co-operator the Université du Québec is one of the universities accredited by the PMI (Project Management Institute of the United States, the world’s largest and most authoritative project management organizations) and one of the only three universities having attained the MPM doctoral degree admission qualification in the north American region. This program aims to train a number of project management experts mastering economic market laws, being familiar with the international project operation rules and able to effectively manage the whole process of projects in different scales.