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Student Recruitment Brochure of Master of Project Management in the Year 2016
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I. Target of Education

This program targets to cultivate a group of project management experts who master regulations of market economy, are familiar with operation rules of international projects and are able to effectively manage in whole process the projects of different sizes.

II. Arrangement of Teaching

This cooperative program runs according to teaching plan of Université du Québec, applies the advanced teaching methods and authoritarian textbooks of project management in the current world. The courses are taught by professors and experts of both China and Canada.

On-the-job learning for two years

The courses taught by Chinese professors are taken mainly on weekends and the courses taught by Canadian professors are taken in a concentrative way with full use of Saturdays and Sundays.

III. Degree Awarded

The MPM Degree is awarded by Université du Québec, approved by the Ministry of Education of P.R.C and the academic degree is recognized by the state.

IV. Entry Requirements

More than 2 years of work experience after graduation from the postgraduate studies; more than 3 years of work experience after graduation from the undergraduate studies; more than 5 years of work experience after graduation from vocational college studies.

V. Examinations and Admission

The institution arranges unified mentorship before the examinations and autonomously assigned the examination paper for student recruitment. The applicants should pass the entry examinations of English and Management. There is no national unified examination and Zhejiang Gongshang University is paper assigner and reviewer. In the unified way, the MBA School arranges mentorship before the examinations.

VI. Major Courses

Project Management and Its Background, Project Design, Project Operation Plan & Control, Management of Project Team, Evaluation of Project Financing, Support System for Project Management Operation, Availability of the Projects, Management of Organizing Projects, Applied Research & Discussions, Analysis of Project Operation Environment, Contract Management, Analysis of Cost Effectiveness, International Finance, Comprehensive Research & Discussion and so on.

VII. Fees for Training

RMB 85,000 (including the miscellaneous fees covering textbooks and materials and excluding transportation fee, accommodation fees, fees for internship abroad and other expenses)

The specific training fees are set according to the approval document of Price Bureau of Zhejiang Province of that year.


VIII Time and Venue of the Mentorship Prior to the Examinations

Time: March of 2016 (the specific time will be notified specifically)

Venue: Jiaogong Road Campus of Zhejiang Gongshang University


IX. Start Time and Venue of Training

Start Time: April 2016

Venue of Training: Jiaogong Road Campus of Zhejiang Gongshang University

Method of Tuition Payment

60% paid at the entry and the balance 40% paid in the early second academic year.


X. Method of Application

Log into the website, turn to the right for clicking on the section “Application for MPM” in Chinese to apply.


XI. Contact

Inquiries about the MPM exam application and issues about the student recruitment can be received.

Phone number: 0571-88055297, 88071024 to 7357, 88215253

Contact Persons: Mrs. CHEN, Mrs. TAO and Mr. LIAO



Wechat Account: mbaxyzjgsu


Address: Floor 5 of No.1 Administrative Building, Zhejiang Gongshang University, No.149 Jiaogong Road, Hangzhou City