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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
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 In 2003, the School was approved to operate pilot MBA program and in 2009 the institution passed the qualification evaluation of pilot programs with excellent results. This program adheres to the mission of “Combining management wisdom domestically and internationally, Inheriting the business start-up spirit of Zhejiang Merchants, Setting up a platform for both sides to grow-up and Supporting the Society’s Sustainable Development”, making it about the goal of “rooting in Zhejiang Merchants’ Innovation and Business Start-up Practices and developing business leaders with sense of social responsibility, exploration spirit, international vision, local advantages, strategic thinking and perfect execution abilities” and highlighting the teaching features of “Relying on the One-hundred-year-old Well-known universities of finance and economics, rooting in the regional business culture, Training Process integrating knowledge and practice and live-long-enjoyed education services. So far the institution has developed more than 2000 excellent MBA Graduates.


Based on Zhejiang Province, the MBA Program caters to the Yangtze Delta Region and puts as primary target customers the medium and basic core personnel of large and medium enterprises in financial insurance, sale service, manufacture, IT and electronic commerce industries or medium and high level managers of medium and small enterprises with good potential of growth. They are well-educated with work experiences of many years, with demand for updated and more systematic management knowledge, cultivating and mastering stronger abilities of finding out, analyzing and solving problems, constantly improving their accountability and quality and seeking better development of the enterprises and their own career.