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Student Recruitment Brochure of Master of Business Administration (MBA) of Spring 2016
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About the MBA School

Founded in 1911, Zhejiang Gongshang University is particularly well known for her economic and management disciplines, possessing the Level-A Doctoral Discipline and Post-doctoral mobile stations of business administration and applied economics and having multiple provincial key disciplines of enterprise management and management science & engineering. The MBA School is the first MBA school in Zhejiang province which commits to training pragmatic senior managing talents deeply rooted in the soil of China’s traditional culture and reflecting economic and cultural features of Zhejiang, focuses on training the entrepreneurs of middle and small enterprises and talents of marketing management and modern commence and trade who are adapt to needs of globalization and informationalization. In addition to the mode of case-teaching at class, we also set up fantastic second classroom: Business Forum, Simulation of Business Operation, Domestic and International Study Tours and so on. Currently the MBA School is a training organization of MBA and MPM which is set up under the institution’s cooperation with Université du Québec.


1. Time and Procedures of Online Application: The candidates visit the website of China Degree & Graduate Education Information ( during the period of June 23 to July 11, logged into the information platform for the on-the-job personnel taking graduate courses (hereinafter as information platform, log into: then according to instruction of the information platform and the requirements to register, to upload E-photo, to complete the online application, to pay the examination fee online, and then the system will generate and print out the “Registration Form for On-the-Job Personnel to Pursue Master’s Degrees of the Year 2015”.


2. Time of On-spot Confirmation at the spots of examination: During the period from 12 to 15 of July, bringing their own second-generation residential ID Card (ID Card of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, ID Card of overseas Chinese or foreign passport), certificates of highest academic degree meeting application requirements and “Application Registration Form for On-the-Job Personnel to Pursue Master’s Degree in 2015”, the candidates should go to the confirmation spots appointed by the academic & graduate education administrative authorities of provinces to check and to confirm the application information. The application information should not be revised after being signed by the candidate.


3. Time to Print the Examination Permit: The candidate can log into the information platform to download the examination permit after October 15.


4.Examination Subjects, Time and Examination Syllabus




8:30-11:30, October 25

14:30-17:00, October 25

Master of Business Administration

Comprehensive Abilities


Syllabus of Courses for Entrance Examination
Comprehensive Abilities: Examination Syllabus of Comprehensive Abilities in the Entry Examination of On-the-Job Personnel to Pursue MBA Degree in 2015 and Examination Guidance (Engineering Industry Press, 2015 Edition)


English: Examination Syllabus of English in the National Entrance Examination of On-the-Job Personnel to Pursue Master’s Degree (Science and Technology Document Press)


5.Time of the Second-round Examination: January 2016, The minimum passing score is determined by the university itself and the second-round examination is organized by the university itself.


6.Time of Entry: April 2016


III. Tuition

The tuition for the whole MBA Courses of spring is RMB 65,000 per person (including the miscellaneous fees for textbooks and thesis defense) stipulated according to the pricing approval document of that year.


IV Contacts & Contact Persons

Tel: 0571-88055297, 88215253, 88071024—7353

Contact PersonsMrs.CHEN, Mr.LIAO and Mrs.TAO


Address: Floor 5, No.1 Administrative Building, MBA School, No.149 Jiaogong Road, Hangzhou City

Wechat Accountmbaxyzjgsu