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Student Recruitment Brochure of Master of Business Administration of Fall 2016
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I. About Us

Zhejiang Gongshang University is located in Hangzhou, the provincial capital city of Zhejiang Province well known for her beautiful views and sceneries. The University is formerly known as Hangzhou Secondary Business School founded in 1911, and in 2004 according to approval of the Ministry of Education of P.R.C, she was renamed as Zhejiang Gongshang University. During the history of more than one century, the University has held the tradition of teaching business courses which have been dominated by economics and management courses and coordinated development of other multiple courses including law and engineering. She adheres to moving forward on the way of characteristic education and has achieved constant progress in increasing level of education.


Zhejiang Gongshang University MBA School is a tier-1 school independently established by the University responsible for providing MBA and MPM projects. In 2003 the School attained the qualification of trial training, in 2004 started student recruitment and in 2009 passed the evaluation of MBA operation. The School is one of the fifth group of MBA recruiting schools nationwide and one of the second group of such schools across Zhejiang Province. The MBA Program is the largest one in size in provincial institutions of Zhejiang Province and so far has cultivated more than 2000 MBA graduates. 


II. About the Program

The MBA Program of Zhejiang Gongshang University values combination of scientific spirit, humanistic spirit and MBA education. Based in Zhejiang Province, the most economically developed eastern coastal province in China and opening up to the Yangtze Delta Region, the Program integrates perfectly the education resources on and off campus, combining different disciplines including Management Philosophy, Management Science, Management Technology and Management Arts into one and focusing on cultivating the talents for finance, IT services, entrepreneurship of mid and small enterprises and modern business marketing in the globalization and informationization era. We guide the students to be prepared for learning and career development and encourage them to “be good at planning, advocate doing, be brave in innovation and pursue excellence”.


Aim of the Program

Rooted in business start-up practice of Zhejiang Merchants, known as the top merchant gang of China, this program focuses on training business talents with high sense of social responsibilities, spirit of exploring, international perception, local advantages, perfect strategic thoughts and excellent ability of executing.


Characters of the Program

Relying on the century-old well-known university of finance and economics, deeply-rooted in the intensive business area, training process focusing on combination of knowledge and practice, having the students life-long benefited by the education services.


III. About Examinations


Two parts: the preliminary examination and the reexamination


About the preliminary examination:


Requirements: 2 or more than 2 years graduated from graduate studies (attained graduation certificate before August 2014), 3 or more than 3 years graduated from undergraduate studies (attained graduation certificate before August 2013) and 5 or more than 5 years graduated from junior college studies (attained graduation certificate before August 2011).


Online Pre-application: Please log into the website during 9:00-22:00, September 24-27 for pre-application.


Online Application: Please log into the website during 9:00-22:00, October 10-31 for application.


On-spot Confirmation: The candidates should come to the venue appointed by the admission office with their own valid certificates during the period of November 10-14, pay the fees and have the relevant electronic information acquired including the image of himself or herself. There will be no reissuing of the documents in overdue.

Time of Examination: December 26, 2015


Books for Reference: English “English Mentoring Materials for MBA, MPA and MPAcc Entry Examination of the Year 2016” written by the National MBA Entry Examination Research Center and published by the Mechanical Engineering Press;


Comprehensive Abilities for Entry Examination of Management Majors “Comprehensive Abilities Mentoring Materials for MBA, MPA and MPAcc Entry Examination of the Year 2016” written by the National MBA Entry Examination Research Center and published by the Mechanical Engineering Press


About the Reexamination

1. Time of Reexamination: mid-March-late April of 2016. The minimum passing score will be determined by the state and the second-round examination will be organized by the university itself;


2. Subjects for Second-round Examination: Current Affairs & Politics, Comprehensive Interview (oral English + management ability & quality)


IV. Schooling System & Tuition


Schooling System: 2 years

Tuition: RMB 65,000 (different kinds of expenses including that for textbooks);

Number of Admits: 200 (finally to be decided according to the Ministry of Education’s plan and adjusted according to the specific situation of the year)

Methods of teaching: Weekends, intensive or weekdays (decided according to the students’ own desire, humanized class-opening, no classes available if the number of attendants is lower than 20);

Graduation: After receiving all required credits and passing the thesis defense, the students will be issued academic degree certificate and graduation certificate.


V. Contact Us

Tel 0571-88055297,88215253, 88071024—7353

Contact Persons Mrs. CHEN, Mr. LIAO and Mrs. TAO




Address: Floor 5, No.1 Administrative Building, MBA School, No.149 Jiaogong Road, Hangzhou City

Wechat Accountmbaxyzjgsu



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