Pragmatic, Ethical and Harmonious

About more than one hundred years ago, on March 15, 1911 (the first lunar month, the third year of the reign of Emperor Xuantong in Qing Dynasty) Mr. ZHENG Zaichang raised funding to set up Hangzhou Secondary Business School. Since then, over her history of more than one century, the institution used to be relocated 12 times and named 16 times but ever has been keeping on innovation and moving forward along with the ages. The “business” of her names has never been changed. She is Zhejiang Gongshang University, a well-known university of finance and economics in China co-established by “Two Ministries and One Provincial Government” (the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province).


The MBA School is a member of this famous higher institution of “business” and over the period of school operation for more than one decade, taking the school motto “Pragmatic, Ethical and Harmonious” committing to developing “excellent talents of business field”. As of now, the School has developed for the society more than 2,000 MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduates, more than 1,000 MPM (Master of Project Management) graduates and thousands of various EDP (Execution Development Program) trainees who have been actively working at the forefront of the economic development. Along with the School, they are practicing the education philosophy “To integrate excellence in commerce with global management know-how based on the accumulation of a century’s business wisdom for the purpose of benefiting society, organizations and individuals. (with the business accumulation over 100 years to integrate the global management knowledge and intelligence and to serve the society, enterprises and the human-beings).


“Business development is priority for a country to become rich and powerful” “Four subjects taught are arranged like a network, the effect would be seen clearly after the learning being put into practice”. The aroused song of the institution has so far inspired the students of ZJSU one generation after another. Have you felt that?


Bright classrooms, campus full of humanity and cultural atmosphere, celebrities forums, visits of enterprises with full exploration spirit, communications of schoolmates and alumni, view-exchanges in team-learning, vivid case-analysis and courses of foreign teachers which bring about different knowledge and cultural experiences, joy of the class parties and passion in the new year celebration banquets.....This is learning and this is grow-up!


Dear alumni, students and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of the MBA School, thank you all for your selfless support and dedication to the School’s work. “It will be a long way to go, and I will seek all ways no matter what they will be to explore”. The School is willing to work with you all shoulder to shoulder to create a brilliant tomorrow for the MBA School of Zhejiang Gongshang University!